Winter Events: Can We Use a Tent?


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Most people think of renting a tent just for summer events, when you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces. In reality, our tents can be rented all year round and can be a great way to make the most of your outdoor space, even if it is cold outside.

The short answer is, yes, you can use a tent for a winter event. The long answer is a little more complicated. There are always lots of factors that go into renting a tent, even if it is for an event in the summer. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect whether or not a tent will work for your event and location.

1. What surface is there for your tent?

One of the great things about a tent is that it can help to dispel some of the cold and wind during the winter. The cold weather does, however, mean that we might not be able to set up your tent in just any place. For starters, you probably do not want you guests walking around on solid snow. If you have a clear patch of earth, and the ground is not frozen, we will have a higher likelihood of being able to put a tent there. Alternatively, if you have a clear pieces of concrete, we should be able to set up a frame tent without any trouble.

2. What heating options exist for tents?

You can actually rent tent heaters—from the same place you rent your tent. This is a great way to make sure there’s enough warmth in your tent, so that your guests do not just freeze to death outside. You’re likely to get a few raised eyebrows when you tell your guests that your event is taking place outside, in a tent, during the winter, but with the right tent heaters, you’ll have plenty of heat. Most tent materials will hold the heat inside, instead of letting it slip out through porous fabric—so you may even need to vent some of the heat once the party really gets going.

3. What winter events are best for a tent?

A winter wedding is a great way to take advantage of a tent, especially if you’ve invited way too many people and cannot find a venue that will fit all of your guests or that will let you decorate how you want to decorate. A tent provides a bride and groom with what they most want and need on their wedding day—flexibility and control. You have control over how large of a tent you want, where it goes (as long as the tent can be safely staked down), and how it is decorated—three things a typical venue cannot provide you. Plus, there’s the novelty of having an outdoor event during the coldest months of the year.

4. How large of a tent can be rented for winter events?

You might think that smaller tents are better, as they are easier to heat, but you still need a tent that will fit all of your guests. How large of a tent this is, of course, depends on what type of event you are planning. A wedding reception, for example, will require tables, chairs, a dance floor, a serving area, and a stage and DJ stand, if you’re having a band or DJ play at your wedding. To find out what size of tent you need, be sure to contact us so we can help you calculate the right size for your number of guests.

5. Is a frame or pole tent better for the winter?

This, again, depends on your event and the location where you are thinking about setting up the tent. Frame tents can be used on hard or soft ground, as their set up does not depend on support structures that are pounded into the ground. A pole tent, however, is probably the best option, if the ground is soft enough for a pole. This is because the pole provides more stability to the tent, which is great if you are expecting some wind or even a little bit of snow.

6. Will a tent protect us from winter weather?

While a tent is great for keeping a little bit of wind and a dusting of snow off of your guests, it will not protect them adequately from a blizzard. Our tents are tough, but they are simply not designed to take that kind of beating. If we are expecting really heavy snowfall, we might not be able to set the tent up at all.

7. What are some reasons you might not be able to put up the tent?

Besides inclement weather, which would negatively affect the tent and ultimately put your guests in harm’s way, there are a few instances in which putting up at tent would be dangerous. Here are few things to consider as you are picking to location of your tent.

  • Is there enough room around the tent to set it up? While some tents can be shifted into place, once they are set up, we do need some space to work, before the tent is set up.
  • Are there utilities in the area? If there are, especially power lines overhead or underground, we may have to pick an alternative area for the tent. This is because setting up a tent in this area can seriously endanger our crew and your guests in the long run.
  • Is the surface even? While it does not have to be perfectly even, it should be fairly even. Slopes are generally a bad idea for tents.

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