Why It’s Important to Shop Local

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With so many massive, billion-dollar, multi-national companies available to us today, it seems that there are far more choices when it comes to where to shop than there ever have been before.

It’s important to note, however, that when we shop at stores that are international corporations, instead of ones that are owned locally, our money does not stay in the community or even in our country—it goes to paying the salaries of people who you will never meet and will never care about you. The direct opposite is true when you shop locally.

Here are just a few of the many reasons it’s important to shop locally at locally-owned businesses.

Keeps Jobs in Our Town

When you shop or rent ith2s from Bucks Mont Party Rental, you are not just buying from someone who lives here and has invested in our community, you are buying from someone that is giving those same opportunities to others. This stimulates the local economy, which can make the country-wide economy much more stable.

Local Stores Invest in the Community

Because their business is global, or at the very least, across the entire nation, big businesses do not have the time or resources to care about every community where they have a store. Local businesses, however, care deeply about the community, not only because they have a business here, but because they also live here, have friend here, got to church here, their children attend school here, and more.

Because the people thh2selves are a part of the community, shopping at their stores supports the community and the people that live in it, especially because successful local businesses are more likely to give back to the community, including creating jobs, making internship opportunities for young people, organizing or supporting community events, etc.

Saves You Money

Many small towns do not have direct access to those big box stores. In order to do your shopping at one, you would have to drive out of town, which means spending money on gas. Many of those stores also draw you in with cheaper advertised prices, and then jack up the prices on the other ith2s you want or need to buy—this is how they stay in business.

Local businesses on the other hand, do not have to pay the travel, transfer, and taxes that are tacked onto the products sold in big box stores. They then pass these savings on to you. Plus, as the local economy continues to grow and you continue to shop local, local stores are able to offer lower prices on all the ith2s on their shelves.

Supporting Local Businesses Keeps a Town Unique

Each town is its own microcosm of personality. When bigger stores invade, the products that the town sells become standardized and vanilla, making it look just like every other small town in America. When you support local businesses, however, they are able to continue to offer the unique products that really make a small town quirky and original.

When You Shop Local, You Protect Your Town

There are plenty of stories of towns dismantled by the introduction of national businesses. While people are sad to see the shops that they’ve always loved close down, they don’t always make an effort to spend their money there, instead of at the big stores. When you shop local, you protect those small businesses from closing, and protect the integrity of your town. Even though a big store does introduce new products and even jobs to an area, the career opportunities are far less rewarding in those stores than they are in smaller, local businesses.

Local Shopping is Greener

Local shops usually source their goods from the surrounding area and provide thh2 to the people who live in that area. Big box stores ship their products from sweatshops overseas, which requires quite a bit of underpaid labor and overpriced fuel. All of this contributes to carbon h2issions and global warming. Shopping local, on the other hand, is the much greener choice. It will also be possible to find fresher groceries, higher-quality clothing, and more reliable electronics when you shop at a store that cares about quality and not just quantity.

Local Store Owners Actually Care about You

One of the biggest perks of shopping locally is the ability to get to know the people that run the business. This makes it much easier to request the ith2s that you want or need and makes shopping a much more pleasant experience. Service in local stores is simply going to be better than at any nationwide business, even if that business claims to value its customers. Only a small, locally-owned business allows you to get to know the owner of that business.

Local Stores Support All Other Local Businesses

Communities need businesses like Buck Mont Party Rental in order to keep the banks, restaurants, salons, movie theaters, etc. open. Most people do not realize how interconnected these businesses are. When small businesses close, the banks and restaurants are more likely to close, too. As fewer and fewer people see places to eat, buy the products they need, and get the services they want in town, they will just start leaving town to get the things they need, and will just eat there and bank there, too. This can lead a town to disintegrate from the inside out.

Shopping locally is vitally important to the life of the businesses and community that you love and want to sustain. Don’t let your local businesses fail!


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