What party rentals will I need for my event?

When it comes to planning the perfect party, you may not have everything you need already stashed away in your house, but you may also not want to buy all of the tables, china, and accessories that you need for decoration and activities, just to use them a single time. This is where party rentals come in. When you rent from a party rental store, you get exactly what you need, exactly what you want, at an affordable price, and you do not have to store it or throw it out once the party is over.

When it comes to discovering which party rentals you need, consider whether or not you are serving food at your party, if your guests will need somewhere to sit and eat it, and what kind of food you are going to serve.


If you are throwing a wedding, hosting a large dinner party, or just want a place for guests to sit down when they get tired of dancing, you are going to want some tables. Even if you do not need to provide a space for all of your guests to sit and eat at the same time, having a few tables, with enough places for at least a quarter of your guests to sit, while the other mingle and dance, is usually just what the party requires. Few people have enough tables lying around their house to accommodate all of their guests. Renting tables is a great way to accommodate a large group of guests.


You will want somewhere for your guests to sit down, even if the point of the party is to remain on your feet and mingling amongst one another. Having enough chairs to accommodate everyone that wants to attend the party can be a difficult feat, unless you opt to rent them from a service like ours. Choose from our range of styles and colors to match any venue!


Most people overlook renting a tent when thinking about party venues. A tent can be a great alternative to a traditional venue, giving your guests freedom to roam and providing you with complete control over the size of the tent and the configuration of the furniture inside the tent. Choosing to rent a tent, instead of renting a venue, can be a very cost-effective option. See our guide on how to find the right tent for more information about tents and their benefits.


Whether you want a cotton candy machine or a hot dog machine, going out a buying one of these whimsical and function devices is far outside of most people’s budgets. However, you can rent one for a fraction of the cost of buying one. A popcorn machine or slushie machine are a great addition to any party, as they are as fun as they are useful. One of these machines is a great way to provide food or drink for a large party, and when you rent one, the clean-up is negligible.


Whether you are hosting a large barbecue or block party, or simply want to provide a large amount of grilled food for your dinner party or wedding, renting grills is a great way to ensure that you have enough cooking surface to make all of the food you need. If you own a grill, you know that it can only produce so much food at a time, which means that your guests have to eat in shifts. On the other hand, however, when you rent grills, you can prepare enough food for a large group of people, and have it ready to be eaten all at the same time.

Dance Floor

Finding the materials to make an adequate dance floor can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Building a dance floor from scratch is rarely a viable option for most party planners. However, you can rent a dance floor, which is easy to install, reposition, and use, at a price that is extremely cost effective. If you decide to rent a tent, you can even have the dance floor installed in the tent!

Catering Equipment

If your caterer requires you to have certain equipment at the venue in order for be able to prepare the food you need for your event, renting catering equipment is a great alternative to purchase it or simply going without. Food is one of the integral parts of any party, and you need the right equipment in order for the food aspect to go off without a hitch. We provide everything from pots to serving utensils, to cooking trays. Anything that you or your caterer could need to prepare your meal, we have!


A canopy is a great addition to any party. It provides shade from the hot sun and keeps mild weather off of your guests. In addition, it can be decked with flowers or light for a beautiful and unique decoration. Renting a canopy is much easier than trying to construct one yourself or purchasing one, which will be difficult to store.


Like tables and chair, having the right linens can make all the difference. However, if purchasing a full set of linens for a single party is far out of your budget, you can rent all of the linens your need, both napkins and tablecloths.


Having enough plates, cups, and utensils can be a major problem, especially when it comes to parties like wedding receptions or corporate events, where you are expecting hundreds of people. If you are serving food, you will want china and utensils. It can be either utilitarian or beautiful, depending on the style of your event, and if you rent, you will have enough matching dinnerware for your entire party.

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