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Maybe you’re not a traditional couple. Maybe the idea of a classic wedding seems tired and just so done. Don’t worry. We’ve got a few ideas to make sure that your wedding truly is a day to remember. When your guests trot off home for the night, they’re going to be amazed by how creative and unique your wedding was—and they’ll want to steal your ideas for their wedding.

1. Take it outside.

While there’s nothing particularly original about an outdoor wedding, there is something special about making an outdoor space feel like an indoor space, without losing the beauty of nature. A rental tent is a great way to bring the indoors outside. Underneath, you can set up a seating area with chairs or couches and a seated receiving line, instead of having to stand for hours as your guests stream past.

2. Help guests find their tables.

Instead of wasting time and having all of your guests wander around, trying to find their name card, why not have a few ushers with seating charts so they can quickly help your guests find their seats. Alternatively, like a stylish version of a first-day-of-class-seating chart, you could post a diagram of the reception hall and each person finds their name before they enter the room to find their seat.

3. Ride in style. Limos are so last year.

How are this year’s most stylish couples getting to and from their reception hall? Hot air balloon. You can rent a hot air balloon just like you can rent a tent. Don’t worry, it will come with someone skilled enough to fly the balloon, and you will look extra stylish and incredibly classy as you arrive at your venue in a hot air balloon.

4. Cocktail hour before the ceremony.

Instead of making your guests wait until after the ceremony for cocktail hour, why not have it before? They’ll worry less about last minute delays (you get stuck in traffic or have trouble with your dress’s zipper), and they will be pleasant and ready for the ceremony by the time you get there. Just make sure you have some nonalcoholic options, especially if your wedding is earlier in the day. You may not even want to serve cocktails, but just a round of refreshing juices or iced teas.

5. Take a spin on the traditional cake.

While you may not want to throw out the entire idea of a cake, you might want something a little less traditional to go alongside it. Try something like cake pops in a range of flavors. That way, you can have a smaller wedding cake and save more of it to enjoy on your one year anniversary. Plus, you don’t have to worry about not having enough variety for all of your guests.

6. Welcome bags that are actually welcoming.

Weddings, no matter how happy they are, can sometimes be a little boring, especially while the guests are waiting for you two to get ready and walk down the aisle, and then show up at the reception hall. Welcome bags are a great way to give them a few activities or snacks to tide them over. Maybe a miniature bottle of alcohol for the adults and a wedding-themed coloring page for the kids.

7. Useful favors.

If you really want to thank your guests for coming and celebrating your big day with you, why not set them up with favors that they will actually use? Flip-flops for the dance floor is a great idea, as is a selection of soaps, branded with your initials, or even some pashminas to keep warm as they dance the night away?

8. Keep the lighting fresh.

You don’t just want to set up bulbs everywhere. That will make your wedding feel like an institution. Instead, make a canopy of string lights that drape down over your table. The effect is as beautiful in pictures as it is in person.

9. Brunch before the wedding.

Most people have the eat and dance portion after the wedding. But if you have it before the wedding, that means you can get to the honeymoon just that much faster. Consider having a brunch or lunch before the wedding, and then having everyone meet up at the venue, when they are full and happy. They’ll be much more amenable to sitting through even the longest of ceremonies, and then you two get to fly off on your newlywed adventure.

10. Make wedding pictures a communal effort.

Sure, you still might want a professional photographer, but you can also capitalize on our technologically advanced society by encouraging individual guests to take photos of your wedding and post them to Facebook and/or Instagram. If you do go the social route, you can even create and distribute a hashtag for everyone to use, so it will be easy to go back and collect those pictures for yourself. You’ll see the smaller moments of every wedding, and what goes on before you two are the scene. It’s a great way to get some truly unique shots of your wedding.

11. Give guests something to do while they wait.

Hand everyone a note card and have them write down a bit of advice for the bride and groom. Set up a polaroid station and make a unique guestbook by letting everyone take a picture of themselves and sign their name. Hand out trivia cards with a few facts about the bride and groom and let everyone guess which fact belongs to whom. Get creative!


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