Top Ten Reasons to Rent a Tent


When it comes to planning your party, whether it be a prom, a wedding, or just a party with friends and family, a tent is a great option. It solves a number of the problems that come with traditional venues, including limited space and flexibility. When you rent a tent, you get to choose how large it is and the color, style, and materials.

1. More space.

If your area only has a few venues to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that can accommodate the size of your party and the dance floor, catering, DJ, stage, etc. that you will need in the space. A tent is the perfect solution. Not only can you rent a large tent that will encapsulate your entire party, you can rent multiple tents, creating a multi-room party with plenty of room for all of your guests.

2. More flexibility.

You don’t want to be locked into a space that is too small or doesn’t have the amenities that you need. Many venues will have very strict policies about how and where tables can be arranged or where your caterer and DJ can set up. If you want more flexibility to design your party, a tent is what you want. Whether you put it on a cement pad or out in a grassy area, the tent will ensure that you arrange your party the way that you want. And you’ll have fewer restrictions when it comes to lighting and decorations!

3. Protection from the weather.

While most tents are not rainproof, they can certainly help to keep the wet, cold, or heat off of your guests. During the spring or fall, when the wind is especially vicious, a tent can help prevent your guests from being blow away! When dealing with unpredictable weather conditions, a tent can help add certainty to your party planning and make sure that you aren’t left high and dry (or low and wet), if there is a little weather.

4. Stay warm.

Staying warm in on cool nights is as easy as outfitting your tent with heaters. Most party supply stores will provide heaters that coordinate with your style of tent. If you want to take advantage of an outdoors space, but are afraid your guests will be too cold to enjoy themselves, a tent with heating is the optimal solution. A stylish tent with heaters can be a refuge from the cold night outside and allow you to party out of doors, even in the fall and winter.

5. Stay cool.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about the heat, you can equip your tent with fans. Unlike an indoor venue that can quickly become stuffy, even with central cooling or fans, a tent has the benefit of being outdoors. Letting in fresh air is as easy as opening the door. Fans can help assist with the air movement, keeping everyone cool whether they are enjoying a meal or dancing.

6. Party in style.

With a wide variety of tents to choose from, it’s easy to find one that matches the style of your event. And unlike indoor venues, a tent has much more flexible decorating options. With poles and frames to decorate, you space will look stylish, clean, and beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about an indoor venue’s rules and regulations. Plus, your decorations will be juxtaposed against the beauty of nature—the perfect backdrop to any party.

7. Keeps the party in a central location.

One of the main reasons a party starts to dissolve is because people start to feel trapped or the venue starts to become stuffy. People will start wandering off to find fresh air. When you party in a tent, however, there is an unlimited supply of fresh air, and with the ability to peel back the sides of the tent, you will be protected from the elements and still enjoy your outside space. The tent acts as a gather space for your guests, keeps them together, so they can get to know one another and share in the revelry.

8. Takes advantage of outdoor space.

Planning a wedding or party in an outdoor space can be nerve wracking. You can rarely know how the weather is going to behave until the day of the party, and by then, it may be too late to make alternative plans if there is too much heat, not enough heat, or a sky threatening to drizzle. When you rent a tent, however, you can take advantage of outdoor spaces, even if the weather isn’t exactly cooperating.

9. Can be put just about anywhere.

Depending on what kind of tent you want to rent, you can put it just about anywhere. Most pole tents will require soft ground, so there poles can easily be anchored, but frame tents can be place either on a hard concrete surface or on the softer ground. If you want to provide added stability, you can even rent flooring for your tent, turning any outdoor space into a luxurious spot. With lighting, heaters, and coolers, your tent can go wherever you need it to go and transition seamlessly from day to night.

10. Almost infinite styles and colors to choose from.

In the past, there was one kind of tent for parties—a standard white affair. Today, tents comes with windows, floorings, in a variety of colors and materials, so finding the one that matches the theme or style of your party or wedding is easy. You can find tents large enough to accommodate dance floors, caterers, seating, and hundreds of guests, and because you can put them anywhere, they are a much better choice than a traditional venue.

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