Top Party Rental Ideas for a Fourth of July Party


Throwing a Fourth of July party to celebrate our independence? Not sure what you need to rent or what kinds of things you even can rent? Here are some of the top party rental ideas for a fun Fourth of July party.

Tent Rental

One of the best party rental ideas is getting a rental tent. Why? Because a rental tent can keep the hot July sun off of you and your guests, give you some shelter from any rain that might sprinkle down, and give your party a home-base where you can put all of the food and games to help keep the party contained. Renting a tent is the best and least expensive way to get a little shade and even keep bugs and animals out of your party space, if necessary.

Hot dog grill

One of the most common scenes at a Fourth of July party is one person, standing over a grill, toiling away for the duration of the party. While some people might love this, most people find this extremely exhausting and sweaty, especially considering that July is already extremely warm here in the Philadelphia area. The solution is a hot dog grill that automatically turns the hot dogs for you. All you have to do is put the franks on the grill and then each guest can walk up and grab their own perfectly cooked hot dog at any time during the party. It’s the perfect way to make sure no one has to spend the entire party working.

Nacho cheese dispenser

Is there anything better than eating nachos while watching the fireworks? Nachos can be a lot of work and they can require the constant attention of one person, who should be able to spend their time watching the festivities, not making sure that cheese remains melted without getting burnt. A nacho cheese dispenser makes it possible even for little kids to serve themselves nachos whenever they want.

Cotton candy machine

Especially for little kids, nothing says summer like the taste of cotton candy. With an easy-to-operate cotton candy machine, it’s also easier than ever to make your very own cotton candy, so you don’t have to buy the stale stuff they sell in bags at the grocery store. These machines are actually surprisingly easy to operate, though because they do deal with hot melted sugar, it’s best for an adult or an older child under adult supervision to man the machine. If there’s a special flavor of cotton candy that you or your kids prefer, this is the best way to make sure that they get the flavor they want!

Popcorn machine

Like cotton candy, nothing says summer or the Fourth of July like popcorn. While there are plenty of easier ways to make popcorn, there is no easier or more whimsical way to make a large batch of popcorn quickly and make sure that anyone who wants access to some popcorn can get it whenever they want. While this machine is easy to operate, like the cotton candy machine, it deals with very hot food, and so should be operated by an adult or only under adult supervision.

Slushie machine

We have two different sizes of slushie machines to choose from, depending on how much slushie you want to make! Slushies are a great way to cool down during a long day of fun in the sun, and because you can choose your own slushie flavors, you’ll not be stuck with one that you don’t like, just because that’s the flavor the vendor is making.

Snow cone machine

Who doesn’t love a snow cone? Especially in July, when the weather is sweltering, there’s nothing better than being able to scoop up at little cone of snow and drench it with your favorite flavor. A snow cone machine will automatically make snow when you need it to, so you’ll have plenty of snow to make snow cones throughout the duration of your party.

Dunk tank

If you’ve only ever seen a dunk tank in television shows or at carnivals and you’ve never used one, your Fourth of July party is the perfect time to rent one. Why? Because, again, the Fourth of July is almost always a hot day. Even your most conservative party guests will be clambering to get into the water after a few hours in the sun. Plus, kids will love trying to dunk their parents, friends, and neighbors. Even if you’re not holding a carnival-themed party, a dunk tank is a great way to incorporate something unique and fun into your party, and because they are much cheaper to rent than you might think, they are an affordable choice, too!

Most Fourth of July parties start in the afternoon and keep on going until it’s time for the fireworks show, which could be as early as 8:30, but is more likely to be 9:00 or 9:30, so that it is dark enough for the fireworks to really make their impact.

If you want to fill up all of that time and keep both adults and kids entertained, it might be a good idea to have some games set up. We have quite a few games that you can rent, including a milk bottle toss, Plinko, and bean bag tosses. These are a great way to keep everyone occupied in between the initial excitement of the party dies down and when the fireworks begin.


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