Top Nine Rental Tent Party Ideas

Coming up with a great party idea for any time of the year is difficult enough, without also having to figure out how to fit that party and all of the guests you want to invite into your home or into a readily available venue. Sometimes, an indoor space is just more trouble than it is worth. You are limited when it comes to space and often how you are allowed to decorate and arrange the furniture inside of the venue.

A rental tent gives you much more freedom, both when it comes to space and when it comes to decoration, arrangement, and even location. Plus, if you are stingy with your home, or if you do not want it to be filled with people and noise, and mess, a tent means easier set up, clean up, and far, far less stress. Here are our top nine rental tent party ideas!

1. Spooky Halloween Party

Nothing is better than leading your guests through a spooky patch of woods, out to a tent, lit with lanterns, decorated with death, and serving a bubbling cauldron of witch’s brew. While you might think that fall in Pennsylvania would be too cold for an outdoor Halloween party, with the right set of heaters, a rental tent can be a cozy reprieve from the spooks and cold roaming outside. You guests will love dancing the night away or playing scary games in your tent, surrounded by the noise of the outdoors on Halloween night.

2. Cozy Christmas Party

Maybe fall in PA isn’t too cold for an outdoor christmas party, but the winter certainly is, right? On the right day, when the sun is shining, heaters pumping plenty of warmth into your tent, you can still take advantage of an outdoor space. Serve plenty of hot cocoa, egg nog, and warm gingerbread to make sure that you guests stay warm and happy. Top the night off with dancing and fun Christmas-themed games. A white elephant exchange or Yankee Swap might be a fun way to make sure everyone brings and receives a gift.

3. End of Summer Bash

It’s time to take advantage of the warm summer nights before they cool off into autumn. Before everyone goes back to school (or if school has already started in your district, to celebrate a successful first week or month), get a rental tent and set up a fun, end of summer party that will effectively pay tribute to the season of fun in the sun. Dancing, games, and even watching a movie can be on roster. When it comes to food, barbecue classics like hotdogs and hamburgers will evoke the true essence of summer.

4. Large or Small Weddings

Finding the right venue for your wedding can be difficult, especially if you have a large circle of friends or family that you want to invite. Many venues will have either too few or too many seats for everyone you want to join you on your special day. Instead of trying to fit your wedding into one of these venue, get a venue that perfectly fits your wedding, both for the ceremony itself and for the after-party.

5. Birthday Parties

Throwing a birthday party for your husband, wife, child, or friend doesn’t have to mean that hundreds of people are going to invade your home. You can love your friends and not want all of them to be in your home at the same time. If you want to throw a large birthday bash, consider renting a tent and setting it up in your favorite green space. This can be in your backyard or in a local park.

6. Congratulation Celebrations

If you or a loved one has just had a major triumph in their life, a party in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to show that you are pleased with the accomplishment. A rental tent will give you freedom to invite as many people as you want and to include dancing, games, or mingling. Great accomplishments in life, like graduations and promotions, should be celebrated as often as possible, and renting a tent means you can have your celebration without worrying about the limitations of an indoor venue.

7. Bridal Shower

If your bride has a lot of friends that she wants to invite to her bridal shower, a rental tent is the perfect way to accommodate them. Not only will you have plenty of room for opening presents, you can also play wedding-themed games, or just set up a table and have a nice meal together as friends. When it comes to throwing the perfect bridal shower, you will want plenty of space, and nothing spells a hope for a happy marriage like a party in a beautiful green space.

8. Going Away Party

No one likes to leave their friends and family, but the experience is made a little bit better by throwing a going away party. Whether it is your friend or child’s first year off to college, or they are moving away to get married, take a job, or follow their dreams, an outdoor party is a fun way to send them off in style. Again, dancing and games will have plenty of room in a tent, and you can decorate your tent to reflect whatever theme you choose.

9. Corporate Events

A rental tent doesn’t just have to be for parties. If you are in charge of hosting a corporate event, there is no better way to make sure you have enough seating and room for all of your attendees than with a rental tent. Whether you want just a small tent to put outside of a larger venue, where your attendees can check in and get registered, or a tent to host the entire event, you have plenty of options to pick from.

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