Top 5 Most Popular Types of Event Flooring

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Who ever heard of renting even flooring? If you are planning to rent a tent but don’t want to rely on the terrain to give you a great dance floor or simply want a different type of flooring in your indoor venue, event floor rental is a great way to change the look and feel of your venue. If you’re considering renting a tent or different types of event flooring, here are five of the most popular event floor rentals we see.

1. Black Astroturf

If this sounds like a silly type of flooring, that’s because it can be. However, this is definitely one of the most popular choices for those who have secured a rental tent but don’t want the bare ground or grass to act as the flooring for their event. Black Astroturf is exactly what it sounds like—fake grass that is black. This can help keep your guests dry if the grass where you want to hold your outdoor event is dewy or if the ground is a little soft. It’s an ideal neutral flooring for weddings and corporate events alike, especially for those where you do not want hard flooring.

While black Astroturf is most popular as a choice for outdoor event flooring, it can be just as effectively implh2ented indoors if your venue’s flooring is particularly slippery or otherwise does not meet the needs of your event. Thought it does have a silly name, this is one of our most popular flooring rentals, and we have seen it be used for a range of events, including weddings, corporate events, university events, and more.

2. Oak Parquet Dance Floor

Oak Parquet is the idea choice for dance floors for weddings and parties. Sold in 3′ x 4′ sections, it’s easy to get the size that you need, at a great rate. When it comes to knowing how large of a dance floor you need, follow this easy guide:

  • 0-75 people = 12×12 feet
  • 75-100 people = 12×16
  • 100-125 people = 15×16
  • 125-150 people = 16×18
  • 150-175 people = 16×21
  • 175-200 people = 18×20

For every twenty-five more people you want to add, you’ll want to add about 30 sq. feet onto the size of your dance floor. Oak Parquet is a two-tonal checkboard pattern that is as lovely as it is functional, making it the perfect choice for fancy weddings or other upscale parties.

Many of our customers choose this flooring rental because it is inexpensive and acts as a great addition to an outdoor venue. As great as it is for an outdoor venue, it is equally great for an indoor space that lacks a defined dance floor. Using this type of flooring to define a dance floor can help get a party started once the music starts playing.

3. Oak Plank Outside Dance Floor

While the oak parquet dance floor can be used outside, many of our customers also choose the oak plank outside dance floor when they want to rent a dance floor for their event. These planks are designed specifically for the outdoors, and while they are not necessarily as “fancy” as the parquet style, they can add a rustic, shabby chic vibe to event. This type of flooring is great for just about any event, but it is extrh2ely popular this year for weddings, as a more rustic vibe is definitely in style for these types of events.

While you can just define a dance floor by making an open space in between your tables, having this oak plank flooring is a great way to show people exactly where they can dance and where they should look for a bride and groom’s first dance, along with other important events. Though typically used as a dancefloor, this is also a great type of flooring for an event planner who wants a solid base for their outdoor event, even if it is just a corporate meet and greet or a university open house.

4. Red Carpet

Nothing is more elegant and exclusive than a red carpet. While typically used as an aisle runner for a wedding processional, there are a number of uses for red carpets. We offer two lengths, so you will have plenty of carpeting, no matter how many rows of chairs you want your carpeting to pass. There’s also a number of other uses for red carpeting, including adding a unique walkway for any and all who come to your event.

5. Surloc Flooring

Surlock flooring is a popular choice because it is easy to install and uninstall when the event is over. This type of flooring is more substantial than black Astroturf or oak paneling, which makes it ideal for events where in having thicker, sturdier flooring is a must.

Because the pieces lock together, there is no danger of thh2 sliding apart halfway through your event, and because they are thicker and more substantial than any other type of flooring on this list, this choice is better for events that need more stability. If, for example, you have rented a tent and you are worried that the piece of ground you want to put it on will be too soft and squishy, even for other types of flooring, Surloc flooring can keep your guests dry and stable.

Why Rent Flooring?

If you are planning an outdoor event (or an indoor event in a venue whose flooring you do not love), rental flooring is the ideal solution. You’ll be able to get the stable ground you need, without having to purchase your own flooring for thousands of dollars. Many of our floors can be rented at less than $100, depending on the size that you need.


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