The Perfect End of Summer Party

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and while that means going back to school and hitting the grind again at work, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw one last party! Send summer off with a bang using our fifteen tips for the ultimate end of summer blowout.

1. Stick to light appetizers. Instead of over-extending yourself, trying to make a huge meal for all of your guests, make a few different kinds of appetizers and maybe some dips. Not only will it foster conversation and mingling, it will de-stress your party-planning. This party shouldn’t eat what’s left of your summer!

2. Pick the best theme. From Hawaiian luau to Mexican fiesta, pick something light and fun! A theme sets the direction for the rest of the party and can making planning a menu and making decorations so much easier.

3. Think about your drinks. Most end of summer parties take place in the great outdoors, and while that’s a great venue, especially before cold weather sets in, it means bugs. Instead of subjecting your guests to bugs in their drinks, use a straw and upside-down cupcake liner to make little covers for your drinks.

4. Utilize the last of the flowers. Fall means that soon the flowers will be withering and dying. Deck out your party space with the last of your flowers or the last local flowers from your local shop. Soon, they’ll have to be imported from overseas, but for right now, you can still grab fresh flowers, so use them!

5. Make it bite-sized. Especially when it comes to heavy deserts, opt for something bite-sized over a large sheet pan. Not only will this reduce the overall amount of food that you have to make, it also will prevent your guests from becoming bogged down by too much food at once.

6. Make it personal. If you are anticipating a large party, it can be easy to get cups and plates mixed up, especially if your guests are mingling and moving around the venue. Making personalized cups and plates is a great way to add a special touch to your party and ensure your guests don’t accidently swap cups.

7. DIY your decorations. In addition to the decorations that you buy, don’t be afraid to make a few yourself. Some red, yellow, and pink banners or bunting or handmade paper poufs are easy to make and very inexpensive.

8. Rent your tables and chairs. Don’t spend the bulk of your party-planning trying to find enough tables and chairs for everyone. Instead, make your life easier by getting rental tables and rental chairs from a party supply company like ours. You choose the style, the company drops them off, and you have all of the seating that you could need. What could be easier than that?

9. Light it up. If your party is at night, don’t forget about lighting! A simple string of lights and a few lanterns and candles may be all you need to add some light to your party, without completely burning out. You can even set up a lighted path, to guide your guests from the entrance to the party. All you need are a few strings of lights (break out the Christmas decorations!), and you are ready to go. Just lay them on the ground, or better yet, string them along a fence, for a beautifully lit party.

10. Tell ‘em how it is. Even if you think your menu is self-explanatory, there will always be that guest that just needs to know exactly what something is before he will be willing to put it in his mouth. Make some cute little placards to put in front of each dish with the name of the dish and maybe even what’s in it, in case someone has dietary restrictions.

11. BYO-everything. If your party planning is becoming too stressful, there’s an easy way to cut out your stress and still have a fabulous party. Make it a potluck! Assign guests different dishes or types of dishes to bring, as well as drinks, and even things like chairs, tables, and decorations, if you are really short on time. Did you just realize that school is starting next week? A bring your own everything party is especially great for an on-the-fly bash.

12. Make your food do double duty. Sure, it’s tasty, but is it nice to look at? Instead of creating elaborate decorations or centerpieces, let your food be the focal point of the table. You’ve worked hard creating it, so showcase it in pretty dishes and with pretty arrangements. Don’t clutter the table with a bunch of other stuff.

13. Keep it summery. What are the summer classics? Lemonade, s’mores, hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill? Stick to these classic summer favorites is a great way to both whip up and easy menu and keep the summer spirit alive, even as we all get ready for cooler days. While you can definitely class up these classics, even a simple marshmallow roasting party can be fun.

14. Give a nod to fall. It’s already on its way, bringing cooler weather and cooler nights. Fall doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Give a nod to this fun season with a pumpkin dish or some fall-colored decorations. Summer’s ending, but fall’s just getting started, and that means many more parties and so much more fun.

15. Make it a destination party. This may be your last chance to go out to the lake or go camping before it’s too cold. Make the most of it by transplanting your end of summer party to a fun location!

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