The Best Snow Cone Flavors for Summer

snow cone flavors

If there is anything better than getting a nice cold snow cone on a hot day, I don’t know what that could be. Snow cones seem to be a part of childhood and even when you’re an adult, you can be filled with nostalgia as you slurp down some cold, sweet, delicious cone and remember the good ol’ days. If you are going to rent a snow cone machine or you already have one, here some of the best flavors for summer.

1. Blue Raspberry

Delicious, if unconventional. When I was a child, we grew a wild and wooly raspberry patch in our backyard. I always assumed that our dog got to the raspberries when they were young and blue and only left the ripe, red raspberries for us. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that they made raspberry flavored things blue so it could be differentiated from cherry and strawberry. Blue raspberry is hands down the best flavor of snow cone mix, and it’s perfect for making red, white, and blue snow cones for the 4th of July.

2. Cherry

A classic and a childhood favorite. If you’re only going to pick one flavor of snow cones to hand out at your party, it should be cherry. It’s almost universally liked and the slightly sweet, slightly tart flavor is ideal for summer. Plus, it will definitely do the most damage to t-shirts and pants as it leaks over the edges or runs down a little kid’s face. And if you don’t get a little stained when eating a snow cone as a kid, you’re probably not doing it right. Cherry will make the idea second flavor for your red, white, and blue cones, but is also a great stand alone.

3. Grape

Ah, grape. Some love it, some love to hate it. Grape is often labeled as the worst flavor of everything. Somehow, the flavor companies just haven’t managed to capture the flavor of fresh grapes of grape juice in their products. When it comes to snow cone flavors, however, grape has somehow escaped that title of “worst flavor” (that’s reserved for some silly flavor like lemon). We love grape and it’s definitely one of the most popular flavors. Even just a little bit will turn the entire snow cone purple!

4. Root Beer

If you want a more unique flavor at your backyard party or event, root beer is the ideal choice from our many snow cone flavors. It’s different and it definitely isn’t a classic, but the flavor itself is classic and it can be a great alternative to all of the fruity flavors if you have someone who isn’t exactly in love with those snow cone flavors. It might miss the bubbly factor, but that’s now why anyone wants a snow cone, is it?

5. Kiwi Strawberry

Now Strawberry Kiwi, Kiwi Strawberry. That’s right, the kiwi is by far the most important ingredient in this mix. This is the only flavor that we offer that is actually two flavors combined—you’ve got the tart, exotic taste of the kiwi complemented by the sweet, fresh flavor of strawberry. It’s the perfect combination. At nice reddish, pinkish hue, it isn’t the best for patriotic snow cones, but it is great for just about any other application.

Snow Cone Tips

Whether this is your first year making snow cones or you’re a snow cone veteran, you can always use some tips to ensure that you get the very best possible results, no matter what snow cone flavors you choose.

  • Get the right scooper. What you use to scoop your snow cones is almost as important as what flavors you choose for those snow cones. Using a cup or something too tall will leave you with too much snow above the lip of the cone, which means more spills and more shirt tragedies during your party or event. Use something that will give you the proper domed top for even distribution of snow and snow cone flavor.
  • Keep your snow cool. While your snow cone machine will do its best to keep the snow cool, you can help it by parking it in the shade. This will prevent the snow from melting and just turning into ice inside the machine. While ice sounds fun, it’s nowhere near as fun as snow cones.
  • Pick more than one flavor. You don’t want to limit yourself to just one flavor. Having lots to try and choose from can keep people coming back for more!
  • If the flavors don’t come in pump bottles, put them in pump bottles. Unless you are going to be scooping and putting the flavors on each and every snow cone, it might be a good idea to put them into bottles that operate by pumping down on the head. This will allow children and adults alike to choose their own flavors and add as much as they want.
  • Make a tray to hold the cones you’ve already scooped. You might want to stay by the snow cone machine and man it for the entire party or event, but you might have more fun if you scoop a bunch of cones and then set them out in a tray or stand for people to grab as they want.

There you go—everything you need to know about the best snow cone flavors and how to make the most of your snow cone machine!


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