Tents: What You Need to Know

A tent is a great way to keep sun and weather off of your guests as they enjoy your party. Whether you are planning a wedding, throwing a graduation party, or just celebrating the beginning of summer, don’t forget to reserve your tent early. But how do you know what kind of tent to rent? How do you know if you can even set up a tent where you want one? How large of a tent will you need to accommodate all of your guests and a dance floor? We have all of the information you need to ensure your chairs, tables, and guests have plenty of room, even if they want to bust a move!

Pole Tents vs. Frame Tents

Pole tents and frame tents have one basic difference. Pole tents have poles. That sounds obviously, but pole tents require a number of poles to be set up inside the perimeter of the tent, in order to hold up the roof of the tent and ensure stability. Pole tents also require a soft surface for the poles to be driven into, and are therefore only able to be placed on grass or dirt.

Frame tents, on the other hand, have frames. Again, this is obviously, but it allows these tents to be set up anywhere there is flat space to accommodate them and there are no poles within the tent itself, meaning that there is more room for chairs, tables, and dancing!

Different Styles of Tents

Like with everything at your party, you want your tent to match your theme as best it can. Which style of tent you end up renting will depend on your budget, the function of the tent, and the area designated for the tent. Aside from those attributes, you can choose a luxurious tent with vaulted ceilings, a simple pole tent that you can dress up with decorations, or a frame tent to maximize space and usability.

Where Can I Put a Tent?

If you choose one of our pole tents, you will likely want to choose a venue that has a grass or dirt area on which to set it up. Some locations with concrete and asphalt will let you drill down into the ground to place poles for the tent, but in most circumstances, if you rent a pole tent, grass or dirt is the best choice.

If you decide instead on a frame tent, you have a little more flexibility when it comes to location. Though a flat location is usually still the best plan of action, because it does not need to be anchored in the same way that pole tents are, they can be placed on asphalt without drilling. Always check with your venue to make sure it is alright to put up a tent before completing the rental process. Some localities require you to have a tent permit, so be sure to check with your venue and local government.

What Size of Tent Do I Need?

Knowing what size of tent you will need to accommodate your guests can be difficult. You want enough room for everyone to be able to sit and navigate comfortably, so that the space does not feel cramped. If you are also planning on have a dance floor, you will want to factor that into your plans.

When calculating how much room you need, factor in the size of your tables, how many tables you are including, how many seats are included, what kinds of buffet tables or food stations you will have, if you have any lounge areas, and if there is bar and/or dance floor and DJ station or stage.

If you are having trouble figuring out what size of tent will accommodate your party, feel free to call us and we will help you find the right size!

Are Tents Weatherproof?

While tents will help keep the sun and wind off your guests, most are not designed to be rain proof. While a tent can help protect your guests from a light sprinkling of rain, they will do little to defend against a downpour. Whether you are planning on a party during a sunny day and want to keep your guests cool, or are expect some wind and want to make the most of the outdoors, without being blown away, a tent is your best bet.

Is There a Way to Heat or Cool the Tent?

Though the shade of the tent might be enough to keep some parties cool, when things start heating up, you may want to employ fans and even air conditioning to keep your tent cool while you keep the party going.

If you still want to party outdoors during the fall or winter, when cold temperatures might drive others inside, there are ways to outfit your tent with propane heaters. They will ensure that your guests stay warm and happy, even if the weather outside is frosty.

Why Would I Want a Tent?

The last and most important questions! Why would you want a tent? Tents are a great way to bring ambiance to a party or ceremony, giving your privacy, as well as defining an outdoor space that will keep your guests together and mingling! A tent is the foundation of your decorations and they help to mitigate the uncertainty that goes along with planning an outdoor affair. Instead of worrying about whether you will have clouds or sunshine, warmth or cold weather, a tent has you covered, literally!


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