Ten Reasons You Should Rent a Tent for Your Graduation Party

row of white event and party tents against blue sky

row of white event and party tents against blue sky

If you are planning a graduation party, you have probably looked at many different venues. From asking your parents or friends to use their homes and backyards, to renting out your favorite restaurant, to using a local park for a few hours, there are lots of places you could hold your party.

However, there is one that you might not have thought of yet. Not only will it be inexpensive and convenient, it allows you to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather: rent a tent. Choosing to rental tent usually means you can use any open space and you can have the party on your time and on your terms. For high school or college graduation parties, here are ten reasons to rent a tent:

1. Provides a little bit of shelter.

Spring weather can be unpredictable. If you are trying to plan an outdoors party to celebrate a graduation, it can be nerve-wracking up until the day of, when you can really see what the weather is likely to do. If you rent a tent, however, you will have protection from that little bit of rain that decided to stop by and from the sun that has suddenly decided to beat down on your party.

2. Extends your party space.

If you are lucky enough to have a home or backyard that someone will let you use for your party, you can easily extend the party space by adding a rental tent, especially if the weather outside is less than idea. A tent can be a temporary extension to another indoor space, so even if you invite the whole town, there will be plenty of room for mingling and congratulations. Tents are an ideal option because they make it possible to add as much space as you need.

3. Makes the party easier to clean up after.

Anyone who has ever thrown a party will tell you that the worst part of that party is having to clean up afterwards. This is especially true if you throw the part in someone’s home. On the other hand, if you throw the party in a rental tent, out in green space, you will have less cleanup and the cleanup will take far less time. Why? Because you will not have to worry about spilling on carpet, brushing crumbs off of table, stains, etc. All you have to do is throw away the trash and the tent rental company comes and takes the venue away.

4. The best option for a party with an unknown number of guests.

Especially if the party is announced over Facebook or Twitter, it can be very difficult to know how many people are planning on coming and who they are planning on bringing. This can make it difficult to pick a traditional venue, without the space becoming overcrowded or stuffy. A rental tent solves that problem, because if it becomes overcrowded, you can just lift up the sides and let people mingle under the tent and outside the tent.

5. It’s a unique idea.

While most of your graduate’s friends and peers are planning parties in their homes or the same tired venues that everyone else has used, your graduate will have a unique party, in a unique location. Not only will this make your graduation party more memorable, it can also make it easier for more of his friends to attend the bash. Most venues have a very set schedule for booking graduation parties, and if you want to have your party outside of those times, you might be out of luck—not when you rent a tent as your venue.

6. It’s cost-effective.

One of the biggest downfalls of trying to rent a venue is the cost. If you are planning a graduation party on a budget, you probably do not have tons of extra money to put down on a venue for a few hours. Renting a tent is a much more cost-effective option, so you will have more of your party budget left over for decorations and supplies.

7. Best option for decorations.

A rented tent is essentially a blank canvas for decorations. Unlike someone’s home or party venue that will already be decorated, a plain white rental tent is at your complete disposal. You can make it look as sophisticated or as cheesy as you want, using whatever decorations you want, not just on the tables and chairs (which you can also rent), but also on the walls, and even hanging things from the ceiling. Rented tents are very easy to dress up with string lights and paper lanterns, in addition to any class-year-themed or graduation-themed decorations you want to use.

8. Provides more privacy.

Just because you are holding a party outdoors doesn’t mean that you want everyone in the world to be able to see your party. Many rental tents have walls and a door, so that you can keep your party contained and private—especially if there are likely to be graduation party crashers around.

9. Home base for your party.

If you do want to allow your guests to sort of rove the green area where you’ve set up your tent, your tent will act as graduation party home base. It will be where the music, food, gift table, and graduate are, but if the guests want to spread out, they can.

10. Be indoors and outdoors.

We’ve already discussed how a tent can protect your guests from the elements, but a tent also won’t block your guests from enjoying the setting you’ve chosen for your party. Especially if you’ve chosen a botanical garden, park, or other very natural setting for your party, a rental tent can help you make the most of it.

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