Ten Reasons to Get a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree This Year

Christmas Tree

While artificial Christmas trees might seem to be less of a hassle on the surface, they usually shed just as many needles and take just as long to get out and set up as going out and selecting a real Christmas tree. Whether you get a real tree every year or have been using a fake tree for years, here are ten reasons to consider getting a fresh cut Christmas tree this year:

1. Looking for a tree is more fun than pulling one out of the garage.

Let’s be honest, going out to a New Britain Christmas tree lot or farm is the highlight of every family’s Christmas season. It’s a fun adventure, and working together to find the perfect tree, with the perfect dimensions and color for your home can bring the family closer together during this season, one that should be all about family. You know when you spot the perfect tree, waiting there for you among the rest of the trees. That’s much more fun that pulling the old plastic one out of its box.

2. Christmas trees are good for your home.

Just like any living plant, Christmas trees help to filter air, making your home less dusty and musty during a season where closed windows and heating systems can make your home feel stale. Plus, the farms that Christmas trees come from are major producers of oxygen. Because it’s their business to keep planting trees, they help the environment and provide cleaner air for everyone. There’s just something invigorating about having a live Christmas tree in your home—it looks great, it smells great, and you picked it out as a family.

3. Real Christmas trees are more traditional.

Whether you’re a traditional family or not, it can be fun to inject your Christmas celebrations with some tradition. There’s just about nothing more traditional when it comes to Christmas than a real tree, which have been part of American holiday traditions since the mid 1800s. As early as 1856, there was a Christmas tree on the White House lawn.

4. Boosts the economy.

One of the number one reasons people do not get a live tree instead of a fake one is because they cost money, whereas that fake one you have in your garage or attic is free. It’s good that these trees cost money, though. They encourage the growers to keep planting trees, and they keep hundreds of thousands of people employed over the holiday season. Live Christmas trees are big business—but they’re also one of the cleanest and most environmental businesses in the world.

5. Christmas trees smell like Christmas.

While you might think that just hiding a pine-scented air freshener on your tree is good enough, once you have a real, fresh tree in your house, you will absolutely be able to smell the difference. There is nothing like the authentic smell of a fir, pine, or spruce tree in your home. It will put all of those air fresheners to shame—and it actually freshens your air, not just masking other smells, but literally cleaning the air as it sits in its stand. If you really want your home to smell like Christmas, a real tree is the only way to go.

6. Christmas trees are more likely to be American made.

If you’re looking to keep your money local, it’s a much better bet to buy a Christmas tree off of a lot or farm than to buy a fake tree. Most of these trees are manufactured overseas and out of non-renewable plastics. This doesn’t necessarily make them bad, but getting your tree locally helps to boost the local economy. Our trees are grown right here in Pennsylvania, and we have been selling them for over ten years.

7. Tree lots have lots of other decorations and activities, too.

While you’re waiting for us to cut the trunk and drill it so that your tree will be stable in its stand, you can also find a number of other decorations to outfit your home, from pine roping, to wreaths, to grave blankets. We use string instead of netting (better for the environment), and we even have live music every Saturday until Christmas—plus free hot lunch and drinks. And because we broadcast the Eagles game, you can pick out your tree without missing the game.

8. Real trees are better for the environment.

Fake trees are usually made from plastics derived from petroleum. Some older trees (if you’ve inherited one from your parents, for example), may even contain lead. The major reason many people avoid real trees is because they believe that cutting down live trees is bad for the environment. In reality, for every single tree that is cut down for your tree lot, two or three trees are planted in its place. Plus, you can recycle that Christmas tree, using it for mulch, firewood, or even as a donation to conservation efforts in the area.

9. Real trees are the same price as fake trees.

If you have every stood in front of the fake Christmas tree displays in hobby or home stores, you know that fake trees are getting to be just as expensive as real trees. For a good-sized fake tree, you will likely have to pay over a hundred dollars. For a good-sized real tree, you will likely pay less than a hundred dollars.

10. Real trees are less likely to catch fire.

If you keep that tree well watered, it is going to be far less flammable than that old, petroleum-based plastic tree from the garage. That means, in the unlikely event that you do have an electrical short or other problem that causes a spark, a real tree will burn less than a fake one.


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