Ten Essentials to Rent for a Winter Wedding

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Whether your wedding is mere weeks away or whether you are already planning a fabulous winter wedding for next year, you are probably already thinking about what you need to rent in order to make it perfect.

Renting is the solution to the high price of today’s weddings and makes it far easier to get consistently beautiful china, glasses, flatware, etc. for your wedding, without scouring every dish store in a hundred mile radius. Savvy brides and grooms are realizing the power of renting—it cuts costs and allows you to get most of the details you need for your wedding from one company. But what do you need to rent for your winter wedding? Here are the top ten items:

1. A tent – We know it sounds crazy, but hear us out. Rental tents don’t just have to be for the summer time—they can actually turn any time of year into the perfect time of year for an outdoor event. If you’re having trouble find the perfect venue for your wedding, a tent is the optimal solution. It’s much easier to find one that will accommodate all of your guests, your buffet tables, your DJ stand, and your dance floor, than to find a venue that has all of those things and fits the number of guests you want to invite.

2. A heater – Whether you rent this for your tent (which you’ll probably want to if your are going to a tent in winter), or just for the entry way of your venue, to help people get warm as they come inside, a heater is a great addition to any wedding, and you can rent one for relatively inexpensively. Renting a heater is one of the best ways to make sure your guests stay comfortable, even if temperatures are still cold outside.

3. Plates – Renting plates is probably the only way to make sure that your dinnerware is the same for every guest. Even if you’re only inviting fifty people, hardly any store, even party supply or home good stores, will have fifty of the same plate in stock. This either means you have to go with mismatched plates, cutlery, and glasses, or you rent from a company that makes sure that you have enough matching plates for your guests. As an added bonus, most of these companies will also have a variety of sizes of similar plates, so that your plates can transfer seamlessly from cocktail hour to the reception.

4. Cutlery – If you try to purchase cutlery for your wedding, you will likely run into the same problem as trying to buy plates for the event—no store has enough forks in stock so that you can purchase enough for your wedding all at once. That means waiting and potentially never getting enough forks, spoons, or knives for your wedding or having to, again, mix and match. When you rent, on the other hand, you get more than enough cutlery for the occasion, and it will actually go together.

5. CupsCups are the first thing you are going to run out of. People will forget which cup is theirs and instead of guessing, they’ll just go get another cup. It’s much easier to account for the surplus of cups you are going to need when you rent, instead of purchase cups for your wedding.

6. Chairs – Unless your venue provides chairs (and those chairs are chairs you would not be embarrassed to have in your wedding), you might be at a loss of where to find enough chairs for everyone to sit and watch the ceremony and then sit and eat at the reception before hitting the dance floor. It’s extremely inexpensive to rent chairs and extremely expensive to purchase them, especially if you want them to match. Again, renting is a much better option.

7. Linens – Do you want to seriously cut down the set up before and clean up after your wedding? Of course you do. Most rental companies will allow you to return linens and dishes unwashed and they almost always show up to your venue pre-washed. That means you don’t have to wash the plates, forks, cups, and linens before you can use them and you can send them back still smeared with chicken Kiev (most of the time).

8. Something to serve the drinks – If you have a bar, your alcohol drinks are covered, but what about water, tea, lemonade, or coffee? If you’re going to be serving any of these things during cocktail hour, during the reception, or both, you might consider getting something to serve them in. Instead of purchasing a stylish fifty dollar cooler, you can rent a ten dollar one and save those $40 for something else.

9. Silver service – Do you want something really fancy and stylish for serving wine or cake or your food at the reception? Silver service is a great way to add some real class to your wedding, but it can also be extremely expensive to purchase, especially if you don’t plan on using it ever again. This is renting can especially come in handy, from round silver trays for serving appetizers to a silver coffee or tea service, you can find something really special for the head table and even for cutting and serving your wedding cake.

10. Karaoke machine – A karaoke machine is a good way to liven up any reception, especially a winter one where everyone is going to be cooped up inside together, and the only way to get a good one at a reasonable price is to rent one. Unless you plan of doing karaoke every night of the week for the next seven years, there’s not very much justification for purchasing a machine yourself.

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