Party Themes for a September Party


If you’re planning a party for September but you’re short on party themes, here are a few great themes to get you started:

1. A Football Party

If you and your guests love football, what could be better than a party that is all about football? September means the start of the football season and there is no better time to celebrate this sport than in September! Whether you gather around to watch the first college or professional games of the season or you get together, have a barbecue on one of the last warm days of the year, and play a little football in the park, a football party is a great way to kickoff fall.

2. Celebrate National Apple Month

September is National Apple Month, and that means it’s also the perfect month to host a party that is centered on apples! Not only is the beginning of the apple picking season, which is a great outing for a group of friends, it is also one of the best party themes for this month. Make a bunch of different apple dishes, have an apple pie baking contest, play Apples to Apples, bob for apples, and more! There are lots of different games you can play with apples and there’s no better month than September to get your friends together and play them!

3. A Back to School Party

Though some school districts to start in August, September is the month that most kids go back to school. Throwing a back to school party for your kids either before they actually go back or now that school has started is a great way to get them excited for the school year. This is an especially good way to help your kids connect with their peers if they have moved into a new school and don’t yet know very many people.

4. Celebrate Fall

Though fall doesn’t officially begin until the end of September, most people see September as the true beginning of fall. It brings with it cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spice everything. If fall is one of your favorite seasons, make sure to make the most of it by throwing a fall-themed party. The colors will be easy to find in party supply stores, and you may still be able to hold the party outside if you find a warm day.

5. Build Some Scarecrows

If you’re lucky enough to live in a small down that still has some sort of harvest festival, you might already have a community scarecrow building activity. If you don’t however, having a scarecrow building party can be a great way to get together and do something active and fun. Have your guests bring along clothes and hats for scarecrows and give each team or person a time limit to choose their scarecrow’s outfit and to put him together. You will probably need some dowels to make the body of the scarecrow and some straw to give him some stuffing.

6. Party Like Pirates

September hosts “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” which fans of any type of pirate are likely to enjoy. Pirates make a great party theme during any month, but if you want to plan an off-the-cuff, mid-month party for you and your friends or your children and their friends, pirates are one of the most ideal party themes for September. Because pirates are a fairly popular party theme, it should be easy to get the costumes and decorations that you need to really make your party feel authentic.

7. Labor Day Barbecue

Labor Day is September’s big holiday, and this is traditionally seen as the last real day of summer. Again, some schools may already be in session, but many districts wait until after Labor Day to start up again. Labor Day is the perfect opportunity to gather your friends together and to have an old-fashioned barbecue in your backyard. You will probably still have warm enough weather that you can have a water balloon fight or do some other fun water activity, before the days really turn brisk with fall and the year starts to head towards winter.

8. Throw a Breakfast Bash

Did you know that September is National Breakfast Month, in addition to being National Apple Month? This can be a great excuse to have all of your friends over and have a breakfast party! Instead of making all of the food yourself, why not turn the event into a potluck and ask each guest to bring along their favorite breakfast dish. Just make sure it’s clear that they shouldn’t just bring boxes of cereal. Alternatively, you could turn this into an opportunity to test out breakfasts from around the world!

9. Have a Fiesta

In addition to all of September’s other “themes,” it is also Hispanic Heritage Month. This makes September the ideal month to break out the salsa, tacos, and tequila. The key to planning a fiesta is lots of bright colors and fun, so don’t skimp on banners and brightly colored napkins and cups. Research some authentic Mexican recipes or whip up your favorites, like burritos, tacos, salsa, and rice and beans. Dancing, piñatas, and sombreros should all make appearances!

Just because there are no major holidays in September doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a great party. Choose one of these great party themes and you are sure to delight your guests! Pick up any party rentals that you might need to make these parties are reality over at our party rental website.


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