snow cone flavors

The Best Snow Cone Flavors for Summer

If there is anything better than getting a nice cold snow cone on a hot day, I don’t know what that could be. Snow cones seem to be a part of childhood and even when you’re an adult, you can be filled with nostalgia as you slurp down some cold, sweet, delicious cone and remember the good ol’ days. If you are going to rent a snow cone machine or you already have one, here some of the best

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fall wedding examples

10 Beautiful Fall Wedding Examples

Getting married in the fall doesn’t mean you have to choose drab colors. The fall, especially here in New England, is ablaze with red and orange and yellow. You can pick a medley of fall colors in a rustic location for a great fall wedding. Don’t forget to get your wedding rental locked down this summer so you’re sure to get the chairs, tables, and decorations you need in order to make y

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wedding linen

The Most Popular Wedding Linen Colors for 2015

While you can always go with the classic white (but of course, there is the question of just which shade of white is right for your wedding), a wedding in 2015 can utilize just about any color of linens. Whether you're looking for a color that matches your venue or you have a very particular color theme in mind, there are some colors that are more popular this year than others. Here is a li

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event flooring

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Event Flooring

Who ever heard of renting even flooring? If you are planning to rent a tent but don't want to rely on the terrain to give you a great dance floor or simply want a different type of flooring in your indoor venue, event floor rental is a great way to change the look and feel of your venue. If you're considering renting a tent or different types of event flooring, here are five of the most popula

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Top Party Rental Ideas for a Fourth of July Party

Throwing a Fourth of July party to celebrate our independence? Not sure what you need to rent or what kinds of things you even can rent? Here are some of the top party rental ideas for a fun Fourth of July party. Tent Rental One of the best party rental ideas is getting a rental tent. Why? Because a rental tent can keep the hot July sun off of you and your guests, give you some shelter from

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shop local

Why It’s Important to Shop Local

With so many massive, billion-dollar, multi-national companies available to us today, it seems that there are far more choices when it comes to where to shop than there ever have been before. It’s important to note, however, that when we shop at stores that are international corporations, instead of ones that are owned locally, our money does not stay in the community or even in our coun

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How to Use Wedding China Rental to Transform Your Wedding into an Elegant Affair

Nothing can set the tone and mood for a wedding as quickly or as elegantly as china. It is traditional for a couple to choose a china pattern to use at their wedding table, which they then use throughout their life to remind them of their wedding. However, buying china, especially for a large wedding party, can be very expensive, even you have a fairly expansive budget. Instead of buying an en

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wedding tent

5 Examples of Beautiful Weddings Under a Tent

When most people hear the word “tent,” they think of the tents that you roll up and take camping. There’s nothing very glamorous or beautiful about a camping tent. The same cannot be said of the rental tents available to couple planning their wedding. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, tent rental is a great alternative to a more traditional venue, which can but seriou

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wedding supplies

15 Fun Wedding Party Supplies You Need at Your Wedding Reception

While a wedding reception should be romantic, it’s important to remember that it’s also a celebration! Your guests have come from around the world to celebrate this new stage of your relationship, so if you want to make your reception a real party, here are fifteen of the most fun wedding party supplies you’ll want to have at your reception. 1. Personalized coasters These double as a w

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slushie machine

4 Must Have Machines for Every Summer Party

If you are planning a summer party, there is nothing better than having great food and drink machines to add charm and whimsy to the party’s atmosphere. A popcorn machine, for example, can make your party feel like a carnival, and can provide a constant stream of hot, fresh popped popcorn as a snack. And is there anything more fun or more nostalgic than cotton candy? With a cotton candy mach

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