The Most Popular Wedding Linen Colors for 2015

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While you can always go with the classic white (but of course, there is the question of just which shade of white is right for your wedding), a wedding in 2015 can utilize just about any color of linens. Whether you’re looking for a color that matches your venue or you have a very particular color theme in mind, there are some colors that are more popular this year than others.

Here is a list of the most popular wedding linen colors of wedding this year and where you can find linens that match these colors.

Navy blue

Which navy blue might seem too dark of a color to choose for a wedding, when paired with lighter colors, it can be a great base for any wedding palette. It’s not as dark (or as taboo) as black, but it is still dark enough to be an excellent choice for grounding your décor. If you’re looking for a color that will be as great as linens as will be for as dresses for your bridesmaids and as a theme for your invitations, navy blue is it.


If we were to declare one color the “wedding color of the year,” mint would be it. While not technically a neutral, mint can go with just about any color, and it looks great against white, black, and even other blues. It can be paired with a color like coral to give your wedding a beach-y feeling, or just with white to give it a very of-the-moment look. This is one of the most popular colors of wedding linen rental this years, so if you’re after mint, definitely jump on it quickly!


There’s something magical about this color. Like navy blue, it might be darker than some people are willing to go, but plum is still an excellent base for any wedding reception venue’s decorations. With light-colored flowers and place settings, it will give your venue regal flair, which, in reality, is what every bride wants on her wedding day. Again like navy blue, plum is a great color for bridesmaid dresses, too—not just your linen rental. It is just about universally flattering and many dress shops carry plum dresses, making them easy to find.


2015 is the year of muted colors, and peach is one of the best for your wedding. Not only does it add a beautiful hint of color, without being overpowering, it has the ability to be paired with many other colors, even mint or a darker warm color like raspberry or burgundy, without disappearing into the background. These linens will look especially great under a tent for an outdoor wedding.


A dustier and darker form of purple, this linen color is ideal for outdoor and indoor weddings alike. Again, it’s an excellent choice for brides who are still looking for wedding colors, as bridesmaid dresses in this color will be easy to find and flattering for your entire wedding party. This is also a great color to choose for your linens and wedding palette if your groomsmen are going to be wearing waistcoats or ties in the wedding colors, as eggplant will look great with white tuxedos and you’ll probably hear fewer complaints than if you’d chosen hot pink or raspberry.


A white and silver wedding is one of the classiest and most elegant you can throw. Silver linens will be a great base for the rest of your white and silver decorations, and because silver is a neutral, you can pair it with just about any color. Whether you want to mix and match your linen colors, or you simply want something classy that won’t clash with your bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen, then silver is the color for you. Pair this color with a light green or rich blue and you’ll have a very classy, expensive-looking venue.


Like mint, mauve is very “in” this year. This dusty pink color is an ideal base for the rest of your decorations, especially if you are using black, slate, or eggplant in those decorations. Mauve goes great with these colors and will even look beautiful pairs with a sea foam green or with a periwinkle blue. Black and white place settings will look especially nice against this pink color.


While gold might be a more popular choice for some weddings, linen rentals of our copper linens are starting to peak this year. Because it evokes a burnt orange-brown color, it is ideal for pairing with different shades of gray for a pop of color. This is also an ideal choice for a staple of your wedding color palette, as copper dresses for your bridesmaids and copper jewelry will look both vintage and beautiful in a wedding setting. These linens will look beautiful against grass or against neutral flooring or carpeting in your venue.


If stark white is just a little too white for your wedding, ivory is a great alternative. If it doesn’t sound like there is much of a difference between the two shades, take a look at the samples we have on our website. Ivory is a little bit darker, and while it certainly doesn’t look unclean, it can prevent a wedding from looking too crisp if crisp white décor is not what you’re going for.


A deep, rich red will always be in style, no matter what year it is. Red remains a popular choice for linen rentals in 2015.

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