Last Minute Wedding Tips for Your September Wedding



Part of planning your wedding is being prepared for every possible mishap. If you are mostly done with planning your wedding, but you want to make sure that you have every single eventuality covered, here are some last minute wedding tips:

1. Make sure the groom has and packs an extra dress shirt for the day of.

Let’s be honest, if there is something that can spill, it is probably going to spill right onto the groom’s pristine white dress shirt. While you can spend an hour trying to rinse out that little wine stain in the sink, you could also just grab the extra dress shirt that you packed for this very problem and have him throw it on. You might not be able to pull the same trick with a wedding dress, but this is a great tip especially for those that are getting married during one of the warmer months, when sweat is also likely to become an issue. Instead of having to take pictures in a sweaty dress shirt, the groom can simply change into a new one.

2. Pack extra pins.

You never know when an extra pin is going to come in handy. In fact, if your wedding dress has a bustle, buttons, clips, or anything else that is likely to break, having a few extra pins in your wedding day stash ensure that even if those things break, you’re wedding dress will still look beautiful and put together. Something going wrong with the wedding dress may feel like a real disaster in the moment, but if you have the tools to fix it, it’s unlikely to actually ruin your wedding day. Pack a bunch of extra safety pins and make sure at least one person in your wedding party knows exactly where they are.

3. Use sectioned plastic bins to organize all of the “stuff” for your wedding day.

On your wedding day, you are going to need a lot of “stuff.” There are a lot of small things that you have to make sure that you can get your hands on readily. While there are traditionally specific people in the wedding party that are supposed to hold on to the rings, the wedding license, etc., having all of the things that you need gathered together in one box so that none of them are lost is a great way to ensure that there is no moment of panic on your wedding day when you realize that the best man forgot the rings in his dresser.

4. Create a wedding party contact sheet.

This contact sheet will be as great a resource for your wedding planner (if you have one) as it is for you as the bride or groom. What should this sheet include? At the very least, it should have the phone numbers of the wedding party and any other important people. It could also include all of the contact information for caterers and other vendors that are working your wedding. If the bride and groom are not the only two parties at the wedding that have the necessary information about the wedding party members and the vendors, it is much easier for a bridesmaid to step out and call that caterer who is running late, instead of having to hassle the bride for the contact information while she is trying to get dressed.

5. Do a practice walk down the aisle in your dress.

You might not be wearing your wedding dress during your rehearsal, especially if you’re trying to stick to the “groom shouldn’t see the bride in the wedding dress before the wedding,” tradition, but you should, at some point, practice walking down the aisle in your wedding dress. Most brides don’t get a lot of practice walking in their wedding dresses and therefore don’t know if they are going to trip on it. Take some time to practice walking, even if you can’t actually practice walking down the aisle, so that you can make sure that you are prepared to actually get down the aisle without falling.

6. Dial back the workouts the week prior to your wedding.

While you still might be trying to shave off a few extra pounds before the wedding day arrives, falling and scraping your elbow during a run or some other injury due to a heavy workout is not going to make you picture perfect for your wedding day. You don’t have to cut back on working out altogether, just make sure that you aren’t doing anything too dangerous so you don’t have to worry about possibly falling and scraping something.

7. Make to bring a steamer.

Even just the ride from your house to the wedding venue can cause unwanted wrinkles. Make sure that you take the extra precaution and bring along a portable steamer that can make sure you can get rid of any of those wrinkles before they have the opportunity to ruin your pictures and the entire day. A steamer is a fast way to actually get rid of stubborn wrinkles in just about anything, from wedding dresses to suits to bridesmaids dresses and beyond.

8. Grab some snacks for the preparation and traveling portions of the wedding.

Every wedding comes along with some waiting, traveling, and getting ready. Many brides and grooms find they do not have time to actually stop and eat any of the food that they have prepared for the wedding, so make sure that you have snacks on hand that you can eat while you are waiting or getting ready. This is one of the best last minute wedding tips you can get!


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