How to Use Wedding China Rental to Transform Your Wedding into an Elegant Affair

source: verawang.com

source: verawang.com

Nothing can set the tone and mood for a wedding as quickly or as elegantly as china. It is traditional for a couple to choose a china pattern to use at their wedding table, which they then use throughout their life to remind them of their wedding. However, buying china, especially for a large wedding party, can be very expensive, even you have a fairly expansive budget. Instead of buying an entire set of china for every guest, or even just for the wedding party, looking into wedding china rental. This will allow you to get glamorous wedding china for your reception at a fraction of the price of purchasing.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can use wedding china rental to transform your wedding into an elegant affair.

Use chargers to set off your plates

Nothing makes a table look more elegant than chargers underneath plates. Especially if you are serving your food buffet style or having servers bring around multiple courses, a charger can maintain an elegant, impressive table setting, even during cleanup phases. Chargers may seem like a superfluous cost when you are buying place settings for your reception, but if you are simply renting your wedding china, they can add an additional level of class to even the most understated affair.

Simple plates with classic touches

Simple white plates with gold rims are just as beautiful as they are functional. They go with just about any color scheme or theme, making it possible to find a great set of china that will not interfere with your chosen wedding colors and will help make every table look elegant and beautiful. China has a simple, classic elegance that simply cannot be denied. Even if your wedding’s theme is country chic, the most classic and simple pieces will blend right in.

Ornate and decorative pieces

If you really what something to draw your guest’s attention, why not try a more ornate design, like a white embossed plate? Set of china like these add visual interest to your table and depending on the theme of your wedding, might be more appropriate than simple white plates. With a variety of sizes to choose from, as well as coffee cups and bowls, you will be able to find the china pieces for your wedding reception no matter what food you are planning on serving.

Serving areas

While china on the guests’ tables can do quite a bit to add elegance to your reception venue, renting wedding china serving plates that match the china on the tables adds an additional layer of class and cohesion to the event. Serving your food on beautiful white china platters will not only set off the food and make it look delicious, it will make your serving area as elegant as the tables for your guests. If you are having servers circulate with appetizers, you can even find platters that will be perfect for serving those appetizers!

Improves the look of the venue

If you saved on money by picking a venue that was perhaps not your first choice, but far less expensive than your first choice would have been, adding a wedding china rental into the mix is the best way to get the look you want to achieve. While china is most common at more traditional weddings, it is really the perfect addition to any style and theme of wedding. Because there are different styles and patterns of china to choose from, you can almost always find something that elevates your place settings. If you are not thrilled with your venue, china is a great way to make the venue shine and sparkle.

One simple step

If you are looking for an extremely easy way to make your wedding reception appear more elegant, there is really no easier way than renting wedding china. When you rent from us, all you have to do is wait for the china to be delivered, set the places (or stack the plates beside the food), and then wait for us to pick up the china after the event. All of the plates, cups, bowls, and platters come washed and ready to use, and we pick them up, take them back to our store, and wash them, so you don’t have to! Simply setting the china on the tables can make standard white table cloths and plain cutlery look beautiful and expensive—that’s the power of beautiful china.

Don’t forget the details

One of the perks of renting china is getting some of the details you might have forgotten for your reception tables, including center pieces and salt and pepper shakers. Salt and pepper shakers on the table ensure that your guests have their food seasoned exactly how they like it, and this is a detail that many couples forget as they are planning their wedding table settings. Additionally, you can find a number of china items that would help you create classy centerpieces for each table. And unlike centerpieces that you then have to throw out or convince your guests to take home, you get to send them back to the rental company. How easy is that?

Don’t go without

Many couples are forgoing wedding china, simply because they do not think they can afford it or they do not want to tote around expensive china that they know they will never eat off of again. Wedding china rentals make it easy to achieve elegant table settings that transform the entire atmosphere of your reception venue, without having to pay to purchase the china or having the stress of trying to choose a pattern you will love as much in twenty years as you will today.


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