How to Throw the Perfect Costume Party

Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween—though that doesn’t mean that Halloween isn’t the perfect time to throw a costumed bash. Even Independence Day can include a costume party. It all just depends on what theme you choose. When it comes to throwing the perfect costume party, you do not want to leave anything to chance. Having a good handle on your party and what you need to make the party go off without a hitch is the best way to lower your party-planning stress.


For most people, the cheapest way to host a party is to host it in their own home. This does, however, create a myriad of other problems—including, but not limited to, the fact that you have to have a bunch of people in your house for hours, feed them, and let them sit on your furniture and touch your things. Even the best-behaved party guests are still prone to making a mess. The stress that comes along with hosting a party in your own house can be alleviated by choosing an alternative venue.

If there is an appropriate venue in Bucks County that suits your party, paying special attention to how many people you want to invite, if there is enough room to seat them all, as well as have food areas, a DJ stand (if necessary), and room to mingle, then you have found your venue! If not, consider renting a tent. Not only can you decorate these tents however you feel is best, you choose the size and format, so that you will always have enough room for all of your guests, furniture, and food.


The most common costume parties do center on the Halloween holiday. This time of year provides the most freedom to your guests, to come as just about anything, from the funny and original to the downright spooky and frightening. If you are planning on throwing a Halloween costume party, you could even narrow down your theme further, asking all of your guests to come dressed a different kinds of vampires, or mummies, or characters from a favorite television show or movie.

For costume parties during other times of the year, a theme is likely necessary, in order to justify the request for costumes—unless, of course, you are planning a masquerade ball. For an Independence Day party, for example, you could request that your guests all come dressed as different presidents from American history.

Another great theme would be superheroes—have each person come dressed as their favorite super hero, from whatever franchise they happen to follow. You could broaden this theme to include all comic books in general, or narrow it to a specific movie or franchise.

For a Christmas costume party, everyone could come dressed as elves, reindeer, or members of Santa’s family, while a perfect costume party for a little girl’s birthday would be to dress each guest up as a different princess from their favorite fairy tales.

Costume Rentals

While some people might be handy with a needle and thread and be able to whip up a quick costume from things they have laying around the house, not all of us are as fortune. If you do not like to or do not have the skills or time to craft a costume from scratch, you are in luck! Renting a costume does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming pursuit.

We have a great selection of costumes for both children and adults in our online rental hub. From flappers to superheroes, we have an incredible selection of costumes, even including costumes specific to Halloween, Christmas, and even Carnival and Thanksgiving.


Having the right food is an integral part of any party. While some may opt for classic finger foods like chips and pretzels, you may want something more elaborate. If you are willing to cook all of the food for your party yourself, there are plenty of recipes online for holiday-specific food. If your party is not for a holiday, but instead to celebrate a birthday, you can likely find recipes and ideas that go along perfectly with your theme, whatever it is. Think creatively about the food you know how to make and how it can be adjusted to fit your theme. Or, if you don’t have any interest in making the food yourself, talk to your caterer about a menu that meshes well with your theme.

Time of Year and Day

If your costume party is in conjunction with a holiday, it may seem pretty clear what day that party should fall on. Keep in mind, however, that the holiday itself is likely to be extremely busy and many people will not have time for another party. Instead, planning your party a few days before the actual holiday will guarantee that more people will be able to attend.

The choice of what part of the day to hold your party will largely depend on what kind of food you want to serve at your party. If your plan it to span a mealtime, most people will expect some sort of meal during the party. On the other hand, if you plan it in the afternoon or later in the evening, various snacks and drinks will usually suffice.

Party Favors

While not many adult parties end with party favors, if you are throwing a costume party for a child, you are likely going to want to have favors for the guests. Picking something on-theme is always the best bet. These favors can be as simple as a bag full of candy, or as elaborate as a custom toy or article of clothing.

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