How to Throw a Blowout Labor Day Party in 2015

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Throwing a Labor Day party is about more than just throwing a few hamburgers on the grill and setting out some chairs. Labor Day is the last real day of summer. After Labor Day, there are no more white clothes (if you subscribe to this rather arbitrary fashion rule), school is starting, and the grind towards winter begins. If you want to send summer off with a blowout, here are some tips for throwing the very best Labor Day party possible.

Choose a Location

The beach is an obvious choice. Why? Because soon it will be far too cold to go gallivanting down to the water on the weekend. If you can convince all of your guests to make the trek out to the nearest beach, you have almost limitless possibilities when it comes to activities, food, and venues. Keep in mind, however, that the beach is an obvious choice. Unless you have access to a very secluded or private beach, it might already be crawling with partygoers.

A blowout Labor Day party might find a better venue in someone’s house. If you’re not willing to give up your own house for one last big hurrah before fall, ask around your guest list to see if anyone would be willing to let their home be the venue. If not, you have a few other options. Labor Day tent rental is one of them. A tent allows you to set up almost anywhere you like, and because Labor Day is in early September, the weather is still likely to be beautiful enough that a tent is a great option for sheltering an outdoors party.

A third option is to simply rent out a party venue. This is definitely the most expensive of three non-beach venues, but this is supposed to be a blowout, isn’t it? Renting a venue gives you the opportunity to have to do very little setup and cleaning on your own.

Choose a Time

For a blowout, Labor Day itself might not be the best option. Labor Day is a busy party day, and unless you manage to be the first to send out your invitations, you might find that your guests have already promised their time elsewhere. If you get in touch with some of your guests and find that there are already other parties afoot, or if there are other parties on Labor Day that you want to attend, picking a different day of Labor Day weekend could be a great alternative. This will allow more of your guests to come and will mean that your own planning and party will be over so you can enjoy the parties you’ve been invited to.

Choosing a time of day can be almost as difficult as choosing an actual day. The time will largely depend on what you actually want to be doing at your party. If you are just planning to invite the neighborhood ‘round for drinks and food, lunch or dinner time is probably best. If you really want this party to be a blowout, starting with dinner, following it with drinks and dancing into the night is likely to be a better option.

Choose Your Menu

For a true blowout, you are going to need lots of food and lots of drinks to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Guests who are hungry or thirsty will leave if they can’t find what they want or need at your party. Making this party a bring-your-own-beer or bring-your-own-wine is a great way to make sure that you have enough alcohol to party the night away. If you prefer, hiring a bartending service that provides its own alcohol can ensure a wide variety of drinks available to your guests, and you don’t have to choose the alcohol yourself.

When it comes to food, a blowout could go one of two ways. You could either have a large, fancy dinner that keeps your guests satisfied as they dance the night away, or you could lay out a buffet of snacks and finger foods that your guests can pick over whenever they are hungry. The first option is likely going to be more expensive, while the second option will require you to keep an eye on the table to refill any empty plates.

Choose Activities

If your goal is to throw a rager, the only activity you might need is dancing. Make sure that you have music and speakers throughout the venue, and dancing will be more than enough activity for most of your guests. If your blowout is going to be lower-key than a full-on house party, you might consider setting up some outdoor games like horseshoe, volleyball, soccer, etc. so your guests can enjoy the last of the warm weather before fall arrives.

Swimming, playing cornhole, Twister, an outdoor movie, and simply enjoying the last of the warm nights are all great ways to celebrate this holiday. Anything that gets you outdoors is a great option: lawn bowling, miniature golf, croquet, etc.

After the Party

A blowout is going to, inevitably, require a lot of cleanup. You have essentially two options at this point. You can either bar the door and make your guests help you clean up before they leave, or you can just leave the mess and take care of it tomorrow. Chances are, after throwing them a great party, your guests will be more than happy to help grab cups and plates and stash them in the trash before leaving.


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