How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Tent Rental

how to rent a tent

Tent rental

While a tent rental can solve a lot of problems, it can also cause a lot of problems. Those who have never rented a tent before might not understand exactly how to pick the right size of tent, the set up process, or even where to find a tent rental. Renting a tent means you don’t have to rent a venue and you have the freedom of creating a party, wedding, or event venue that meets your needs exactly. These positives far outweigh any difficulties that come along with tent rental—especially since we’re going to solve your tent rental problems right now.

How do I make sure my tent is big enough for my guests?

Making sure that the tent is big enough for everyone that you want to invite to your wedding reception, birthday party, corporate event, etc. can be daunting. Even if you know exactly how many people are going to attend, you may not know how to translate that number into a tent size.

A very general way to estimate the size of tent you need is to take your total number of guests and multiply that number by eight. For example, if your event has twenty guests, a rough estimate for the size of tent you would need would be 160 square feet. You would then pick a tent dimension that encompasses that square footage, for example, a 15×15 feet tent. This will ensure you and your guests have plenty of room. The basic formula would be:

(your number of guests) x 8 = total square footage you need

It is almost always better to have too much room than too little room. Of course, you do not want to pay for more tent than you need, and, in general, a tent that is too large will allow your guests to spread out and will not promote mingling. However, having a tent that is too small will make everyone uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Striking the right balance is easier using these steps.

How do I make sure my tent is big enough for my guests AND tables, chairs, dance floor, DJ, caterer, etc.?

For events that have lots of different areas and that require tables, chairs, dance floors, etc. you will obviously need a larger tent. All of your calculations will depend on what exactly is going to be housed under your tent. If you are not going to have a buffet table and eating area, but you are going to have a dance floor, you will need a smaller tent than someone who is going to have both. Knowing what you are going to need and how large those items are can help when it comes to calculating the size of your tent.

A very general estimate can be made using this formula, considering that you are going to have table and chairs for dinner, as well as a buffet table, stage, DJ, and dance floor or analogous items:

(your number of guests) x 27 = total square footage you need

Keep in mind that this is a very general estimate. Talking to a tent rental company can help you find the exact right square footage for your event.

How do I know where I can set my tent up?

Where you can set up your tent depends largely on what kind of tent you are going to rent. Or, rather, what kind of tent you should rent will depend on what sort of surface your venue has. Tents with poles and stakes, for example, will need a soft surface like grass or dirt in order to be set up. Frame tents, that are essentially freestanding, can be set up on soft surfaces or on hard, flat surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

How do I heat my tent rental?

Renting a tent doesn’t just have to be for a summer even (though they are perfect for summer events). Just about anywhere you can get a tent rental will also have tent heaters that will allow you to pump heat into your tent to keep it warm and toasty on a colder day or night. This is perfect for fall or even winter events that you still want to hold outside, but don’t want to freeze your guests out.

How do I cool down my tent rental?

The beauty of renting a tent, especially one with walls, is that the temperature is very easy to regulate. If you need more air flow to cool off the party, you can either just lift up the walls or even install some fans to help keep the air moving. You might even be able to install an air conditioner in the same manner as a tent heater, in order to really cool off your tent.

During what kinds of weather can my tent rental be used?

While a tent rental will protect you from wind and light rain, rental tents are not designed to hold up to torrential downpours, tornados, or blizzards. A little sprinkle of rain won’t do any harm, and a tent can help keep wind off of your guests.

What all can go under my tent?

Just about anything that can go inside a traditional venue can be placed under a tent rental. In fact, in many cases, a tent is a better option, largely because you are completely in control of the configuration. You can set up your caterers, dance floor, DJ, sign-in table, etc. wherever you like.


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