How to Plan a Wedding in 2 Months or Less


Whether you just want a short engagement or you have put off all of your wedding planning tasks until two months before your wedding, don’t panic! It is possible to plan a wedding in less than three months. My parent planned their wedding in less than a single month (those crazy kids)! It is doable, and it doesn’t even have to consume your entire life. No matter what circumstances, here is how to plan a wedding in 2 months or less quickly and easily.

Step One: Make Sure You Have the Basics Nailed Down

Do you know your exact wedding date yet? If you don’t make sure you and your future spouse sit down and pick the final date. This is the only way you’ll be able to find a location, a dress, a caterer, etc. Obviously, some venues are going to be booked up months and years in advance. It does make sense to check with even popular venues, as many may have “last minute” cancellations or other conflicts that may leave a gap in their event schedule.

It’s important, however, to understand that your first choice might not have anything available, and that you might have to go with your second, third, or even fifth choice. Don’t worry—there’s always going to be something available, especially in the spring and summer. Why? Because you can rent a tent and hold your wedding outside, even if there are no churches, banquet halls, or hotel ballrooms open. If there really is nothing with an opening on your date, pull favor with a friend that has a beautiful yard and home.

Step Two: How to Find Someone to Cater Your Event

Most professional catering companies demand some sort of notice. It might be less than two months, but the best caterers might be booked six months out. This means that you might not be able to work with a catering company. Does this mean that your guests are going to go hungry? No! All it means is that you’re going to have to look outside the traditional catering options.

Your favorite restaurant, for example, might do catering. Many chains like Panda Express, Quiznos, Subway, Chick-fil-a, etc. actually do cater events and they might not have as strict schedules as a company that does nothing but catering. Because they often just send a few staff members to drop off the food and make sure you don’t need anything else, it takes less time and is even less expensive than working with a caterer. Unless you’re dead-set on having something fancy and professionally made, there is something charming about having your favorite chain bring in food for your guests.

Step Three: Getting Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements, while usually put together the day before the wedding, usually have to be ordered months beforehand. Contact your local florists to see if they have an opening to help you with your wedding. If not, you still have a few options.

A florist might not be willing to sign on for a full wedding, but they might be willing to put together a few bouquets and simple arrangements with the flowers they already have in the shop. Additionally, if you have a local flower market or a store that has a large cold case of flowers, you can always DIY the bouquets and arrangements the night before the wedding.

Step Four: Getting a Cake

Scheduling a cake is probably going to be the most difficult part of having a short engagement (or having procrastinated your wedding planning). Like caterers, they may not make the cake until the day before or day-of, but they are booked weeks and months in advance. However, there are plenty of bakeries, including the one in your grocery store, that only needs a few days, or even just a day, to make you a few standard cakes. While you may have to find your own cake topper, having a range of cakes is a great way to please guests with different tastes and to get a beautiful cake that you didn’t have to make yourself, even on short notice.

Step Five: Get Your Invitations Out

Normally, wedding invitations should go out three to four months ahead of your wedding, so your guests really do have time to save the date and making travel plans if necessary. If you only have two months or even just one month, you can still send out paper invites, if you do them immediately. This may mean you don’t have time to order them from a stationary shop and that you might have to make them yourself or use some generic ones, but it is possible.

If you don’t want to rush through sending paper invitations, it’s not terrible to send out an email, asking your guests to RSVP, and then sending your printed paper invitations with directions to the venue and registry information out afterwards.

Step Six: How to Get Enough Chairs, Tables, Place Settings, Etc.

If you have a three or more months before your wedding, you have time for your favorite store to order those place settings you want. If you only have one or two months, you’re much better off renting your chairs, tables, and food service. Why? Rental plates, cutlery, chairs, and tables lift the burden of trying to find enough for all of your guests and finding a way to get them to the venue. You sometimes don’t even have to clean anything before you send it back. Renting is the best way to go for short-term wedding planning.


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