The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Tents—Answered!

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When it comes to renting a tent, you might have a few questions about how large you need it to be to accommodate your party, where you can place it, and if renting a tent is even the right move for your event. We are here to make sure that all of your tent-related questions are answered, so all you have to do is rent your tent and get back to the finer points of planning your party.

What size of tent do I need?

Finding the right size of tent can be a complicated process. For starters, you need to know how many people will be attending your event, and what the layout of your event will look like. If you need a dance floor, buffet area, seating, a DJ stand, etc., all of this information will be factored into the calculation of your tent’s size. For more detailed instructions, see our blog post about estimating the size of your tent, or give us a call!

Won’t we be too hot/too cold if we use a tent?

Many of our clients are concerned that if they use a tent, they will be at the mercy of Mother Nature. This simply isn’t true. When it comes to our tents, you can cool them just by pulling back the side flaps of the tent, or even by setting up some quiet fans to help circulate the air throughout the event.

If you are looking to heat your tents, the best plan of action is get a heater specifically designed for our tents, so that they will be easy to use and will effectively heat the entire space. That way, you can keep the party going, even if the weather outside starts to turn.

Don’t tents look tacky?

In the past, tents might have looked like a failed attempt at the world’s fair. We provide only the most high quality designs, with tents that are fit for a king and queen. The best tents on the market can be found in our stock of rental tents.

Where can I place my tent?

Where you place your tent is going to be governed by a few factors. First, by what kind of tent you decide to rent, and second, by what kinds of surfaces your outdoor space has to offer. Frame tents—those that are freestanding—can be placed on hard or soft surfaces, like a patch of concrete or grass, but pole tents will require a soft surface, so that they can be safely anchored.

Can we put a dance floor under a tent?

You can absolutely put a dance floor under a tent. Tents for large dance-centered parties are great because they provide you with the ability to choose a space specifically in line with how many guests are expected to attend the party. First, figure out how large of a party you are going to have, and then calculate how large you need your dance floor to be. Then, simply add in how much seating and other room you are going to need, in order to figure out how large of a tent you will need.

Why would I want to rent a tent instead of an indoor venue?

A tent can be placed just about anywhere you need it to be. Unlike an indoor venue, which will have hard and fast rules about how many people can attend, where the caterers can set up their equipment, and what kind of decorations can be hung, a tent has almost unlimited options. You pick the size of your venue, you pick what goes under the tent, and you decide what goes where and when. You have more freedom, and when it comes to planning a party, this freedom can be a major bonus.

Won’t a tent be too small for my wedding/party?

If you are going to invite thousands and thousands of people, a tent might be too small—but we have a solution for this situation as well! If one tent does not provide enough space for your needs, rent two instead. Set up side by side, you will have one continuous party space.

That being said, we find that most of our clients have no trouble finding a single tent that meets the requirements of their wedding or party.

How can I decorate my tent?

How you decorate your tent is only limited by your imagination. This is what makes tents so perfect for both weddings and corporate events. They can be a whimsical or as professional as you require. With infinite space to create, it is easy to decorate your tent so that it exactly matches the theme and style of your event.

How can I light my tent?

Lighting your tent is easy. You can bring in your own lighting systems or rent systems that are specifically designed for the tent style that you rent. These lighting systems can be modified for low mood lighting, or bright, functional lighting. Again, your tent’s lights can be customized to fit your decorating needs.

What can I put under my tent?

Most of our clients find that they can put just about anything under their tent. For some, that means a DJ and a catering station and tables and a dance floor. For others, it means a single long table and plenty of seating.

What is the best way to find the rental tent I need?

The best way to find the rental tent you need is to contact our tent rental company. We can discuss your event and what kind of needs your venue requires, finding you the perfect tent in no time.


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