Our Favorite Uses for a Popcorn Machine

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When you rent a popcorn machine, there are plenty of ways you can use it. You likely already have some in mind. Over the years of renting out popcorn machines and popcorn carts, we have seen them used in a thousand different ways. Both nostalgic and actually useful, a popcorn machine is a great addition to just about any party. Here are just a few of our favorite uses:

1. Outdoor movie nights –

You’ve already set up the big projector and the screen (whether it’s a sheet strung between two trees or a made-for-outdoors screen specifically for this kind of event). What would really round out your outdoor movie night? A popcorn machine! There’s nothing better than being able to scoop up your own bucket of hot, tasty popcorn, right from the machine. It will lend some authenticity and kitsch to your great movie party, whether the kids are watching the latest Disney flick or the grownups are watching a scary movie.

2. Wedding reception –

Want something fun for your wedding reception? Rent a popcorn machine! Not only will it be a great additional snack for your guests, it’s also an interactive snack. Whether you have someone who is just in charge of making new batches of popcorn, or if everyone gets to have a hand, it’s a cute way to give your guests something to do while they are waiting for you to walk down the aisle and during the reception. Whether you are planning a very fancy or understated affair, a rental popcorn machine is a great bet.

3. Kids’ party –

While you might not want the kids to make or even scoop their own popcorn, no matter the theme of your party, they will certain love having their own buckets or bags of popcorn to munch on while they watch a movie, play games, or do activities. A popcorn machine will just up the fun factor—they’ll love watching it be made and they’ll love eating it.

4. Charity carnivals –

If you are in charge of running or providing snacks for a charity event, it can be difficult to know what to get that can serve lots of people in a short amount of time. That’s what a popcorn machine can do. All you have to do is get it popping and as long as you have un-popped popcorn and oil on hand, you have a constant supply of a great snack that will please just about anyone who comes to your event. It’s a great way to keep a crowd happy!

5. Halloween party –

There is no better way to spice up a Halloween party than with a popcorn machine. Set it up and you’ll have plenty of popcorn for the entire night. It’s especially great if part of your party is watching scary movies. Your home will feel like a theater with this one addition. Additionally, if you live in an area that gets lots of trick-or-treaters, you can pass out popcorn instead of candy (or even just to the exhausted parents), for a twist on the traditional Halloween fare.

6. Christmas party –

Popcorn isn’t just great for making Christmas tree garlands around the holidays. Like with every other scenario we’ve presented, a popcorn machine is a great way to feed a crowd, and you’ll be surprised how well buttery popcorn goes with hot chocolate and eggnog. And then you can use the leftovers to make tree garlands.

7. Office party –

Your office party doesn’t have to be boring and it certainly does not have to be drab. One of the best ways to spice up and office party, no matter the time of year, is with a rental popcorn machine. You’ve got a lot of people to feed, and especially if no one is willing to chip in for a food budget—or even bring something they’ve made themselves, this is a great way to make the party special and have a consistent supply of food that you know will be great.

8. House party –

Having a house party? Expecting a riotous crowd? Why not placate them with fresh-popped popcorn? You already know that you’re going to designate a room to movie watching anyway, so why not stick with the theme and rent a popcorn machine? Your party will be the talk of the town if you have plenty of popcorn to go around. It’s a unique touch that no other parties will have this year.

9. Corporate event –

If you have a crowd of business people to please, popcorn is a great way. It’s portable and compared to other sugary snacks, it is actually not that high in calories. They can take a bag back to their chair or table and munch while they watch speakers and presentations. It’s a great way to liven up even the most boring topics.

10. School event –

Throwing a dance? Have a football game? A team lock-in? Any event where you want to sell or give away a snack to keep everyone happy? A popcorn machine is great for any of those events, and for just about anything you can think of. Renting a popcorn machine is a low-cost alternative to just about any other food option, and it is easy to manage and easy to ensure that everyone is fed.

Why rent? Popcorn machines are large and bulky. They are great for a multitude of uses, but they are also expensive. Renting is a great way to both have use of one of these machines, but without having to actually pay for one or find somewhere to store it. When you rent, someone else takes care of storage, cleaning, etc. All you have to do is call us up again when you’re ready to use it!


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