Fast and Easy Halloween Costumes for Last-Minute Party Invites

Maybe you just aren’t into Halloween, or maybe your co-workers just reminding you about the costume party tomorrow night (or tonight—how frightening!). Either way, you’ve got a party you need to attend and no costume on hand. Don’t worry. We’ve got twenty easy, last-minute costumes you can make out of thing you find around your house or at the local secondhand shop.

1. Zombie – Got some old clothes you don’t mind ripping up. Great, you’re going as a zombie. Add some dirt (or dark makeup), and some blood (corn syrup and food dye or lipstick if you’re in a pinch), for more authenticity.

2. Pirate – This one might not sound easy, but all you have to do is tie a sash around your waist, a bandana around your head, and wear some knee-high boots. If you’re feeling industrious, you can make an eye-patch out of some string and construction paper.

3. Wounded person – Break out that corn syrup and food dye again, because you’re going to need a lot of it. Cut some holes in your shirt and douse yourself with blood. Were you shot, stabbed, clawed? No one knows, but you sure are bloody!

4. “Time Flies” – Everyone loves a good pun costume on Halloween. Hang a clock around your neck and put some paper wings on your back. When someone asks what you are, just hold up the clock, then point at your wings. It’s not that hard, you guys!

5. Nerd – Got some suspenders? No? Well, they’re no absolutely required for this costume, though they will up the authenticity factor. Hike up those pants, throw on those glasses, and get some nerdy facts ready.

6. Run-over person – All you need for this costume is a pair of clothes you don’t care about—and a car. Lay out your clothes, and run them over with your car, leaving those tire tracks across the shirt and pants.

7. Lazy superhero – Make a quick cape out of a piece of fabric, or for a truly lazy look, just tie a towel around your neck. You’re just about the laziest super hero in the world. What’s your power? Never having to get off the couch to change the channels.

8. Artist – All you need for this costume is a piece of cardboard, some paint, and maybe an oversized shirt. Cut out an artist’s pallet from your cardboard, glob on a few different colors of paint, and let them dry overnight (acrylic paint works best). Don your shirt, grab a brush, and you’re ready to go.

9. A painting – You can pair this costume with someone going as an artist, or you can just go by yourself as a great work of art. Grab an old sheet, some paint, and maybe a reference picture, and recreate a piece of artwork. Then, attach the top of the painting to a towel, some string to the dowel, hang it around your neck, and you’re a work of art!

10. Bat – Do you have black pants and a black shirt? Awesome. You’re already more than halfway to becoming a bat (but not Batman). Cut out some ears and some wings from construction paper and affix them to your head and back with some tape or safety pins. Easy-peasy.

11. Cat – Break out that black outfit again, add a construction paper tail and ears, and you’re ready to go. Maybe top it off with some eyeliner whiskers?

12. Dog – Pick a pair of pants and a shirt that are the same color, whether you want brown, grey, white, or black. Then, make yourself some ears and maybe a few spots from paper. Tape them in place, and you’re ready to go.

13. Hobo – This costume is surprisingly similar to the zombie one, just without the blood. Grab some old clothes, rip them up, add a little dirt, maybe a knapsack, slung over your shoulder. You’re a hobo!

14. Fairy – Make some butterfly-esque wings out of different colors of construction paper and use a safety pin to affix them to your shirt (or your dress, if you’re really going all out). Tape a paper star to the end of a pencil to make your wand.

15. Waldo – Your friends or co-workers will get a kick out of this costume. If you have a red shirt, stripe it white masking tape, or stripe a red shirt with red electrical tape. Don some blue pants and a red cap, if you have one. Now everyone can find Waldo.

16. Viking – This one might be a little more involved than the other costumes, but the effect can’t be beat. Use cardboard to make a shield, and then cover it in tinfoil. Make a hat and horns out of tinfoil and you’re ready to go plundering!

17. A bee – Another use for that all-black outfit! Make yourself a stinger and wings from paper, and stripe yourself with some yellow electrical tape.

18. Crayon – Do you have an outfit of a solid color? Make yourself a Crayola label (print one off of the internet), stick it to your front, and you’re a crayon.

19. Ghost – The granddaddy of simple Halloween costumes, this is as easy as scrounging up an old bed sheet (borrowing one from a friend or buying one for a buck from a secondhand store, and cutting eye holes so that you can see as you walk around with it draped over your head.

20. Rent a costume – If you really have no interest in making your own costume, you can always rent one. You’ll be the most put together person in the room with one of our great rental costumes—and all you have to do is choose who you want to be!

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