Common Wedding Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Wedding planning is stressful. There are a lot of moving parts, and while it seems like planning for this, what’s supposed to be the happiest, most romantic day of your life, should be fun, if you’re a first-time bride, you may not know what to do or how to do it. Even the most comprehensive wedding Pinterest boards might not cover all aspects of weddings or wedding planning. If you’re planning a wedding, here are fifteen common wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

1. Buying the dress before you’ve chosen the venue.

It makes sense to buy the dress as early in the wedding planning process as possible. Many wedding dress stores won’t let you walk out the door with the gown you actually try on. They have to order one from the designer and then alter it, which could take months. However, if you pick a dress before you pick the venue, you might find yourself wearing a dress that you like—but that you don’t love when you’re actually standing in the space. Pick the venue, then the dress to avoid this.

2. You don’t use a wedding planner.

A wedding planner can be a huge asset both in the planning process and on the big day. Not only do they often have the connections that make finding the right venue, caterer, floral designer, etc. easy, they can also get you discounts. Plus, they’ve planned lots of weddings and they know how to make them go off without a hitch.

3. You update your Facebook status before calling your parents.

Sure, the news is easier to get out over Facebook, but don’t you think there are some people that should hear the news straight from the horse’s mouth, instead of in their Facebook feed? Before setting your status to “Engaged,” call your parents and close friends.

4. You try to crash diet.

Dieting before your wedding is a noble goal, but crash dieting in the six weeks before your wedding, especially if you purchased your dress and had it fitted before you began the diet, will just make you cranky and fatigued. Instead, set up a healthy-eating and workout plan that keeps you focused and high energy for the wedding planning process.

5. You don’t keep track of your engagement ring.

It may dazzle you every time you look down and see it on your finger for the first few weeks, but once you’re used to it, it can be easy to take it off to wash your hands and then forget it on the ledge of the sink. You don’t need to take off your engagement ring to wash your hands—it’ll be safer on your finger than on the sink (or down the drain).

6. Not buying gifts for the wedding party.

This might seem like just another expense, but your wedding party has probably taken a lot of time out of their schedules and lives to help you plan your wedding and keep you sane. Make sure you show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift.

Wedding Cake

7. You didn’t order enough food for the vendors.

The caterers will probably include themselves and their staff in the number of guests to make food for, but if you didn’t count your photographer, band, DJ, wedding planner, or bartender in the count, you might have some hungry, cranky vendors at the end of the night.

8. You buy everything instead of renting.

You can rent just about anything you need for a wedding. Rental chairs, tables, dishware, flatware, etc. are all available and can save you time and money. You can even get a rental tent and make your own venue!

9. You don’t buy thank-you notes.

Remember to send out thank-you notes after the wedding can be difficult, especially if you don’t buy them during the wedding planning process. Make buying these notes part of your to-do list and you’ll be good to go.

10. You elope without being sure it’s the best thing for your relationship.

Eloping, especially when you have a familiar tensions on either or both sides of the aisle, can be attractive. And as much as everyone tries to remind you that your wedding is your special day, it’s also a big day for the parents, siblings, and extended family that have probably put a lot of time and money into making your life good.

11. You store all of your wedding planning notes online.

Smartphones are amazing and there are some pretty great apps that can help you with wedding planning, but the fact still remains that nothing is more universally accessible and concrete than paper records. Keep paper versions of your contracts with vendors, venue, bridal store, etc.

12. You refuse to try on different styles of dresses.

There’s nothing wrong with walking into the bridal store already knowing what kinds of dresses you want to see. However, if you’re not finding a dress that you absolutely love that has that silhouette, it’s time to let the consultant bring you something else.

13. You try to DIY too much.

Doing it yourself can be fun and can cut some of the decoration or food costs, but it can also be seriously time consuming. Plus, if you’ve never done that craft or made that recipe before, it can also be expensive to keep buying supplies and ingredients.

14. Your entire budget is based on the number of “heads” that will be attending.

The number of people who will be attending will dictate how much food you need, how many chairs you need to rent, and how many place settings you need, but it won’t help you allot money for a photographer, band, or DJ.

15. You don’t lock down the toasts.

It is your big day, and your family’s big day, but that doesn’t mean you have to let all of them give a toast. Assigning just a few, to your parents and maids/matrons of honor and best man is just fine.


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