Why Buying a Real Christmas Tree is the Greener Choice and When to Get Yours

Real Christmas Trees Greener Choice

Why Buying a Real Christmas Tree is the Greener Choice

One of the biggest outcries against the live Christmas tree business is that it is removing helpful trees from the environment. If Christmas tree growers did just chop down their entire crop every year, it could have a negative impact on the environment, not unlike logging and other high-impact businesses.

However, farms that grow real Christmas trees, like the one right here in Pennsylvania that we get our Christmas trees from, don’t just chop their entire crop every year. They cut down the trees that are ready to be sold and plant an entirely new crop to replace them. This means that for every tree that is being cut down, the same number (and usually far more) trees are being planted. They only cut down the trees that have reached maturity, that are large enough to be sold, leaving hundreds and even thousands of other trees still on the farm.

The truth is that the Christmas tree business is one of the greenest in the world, especially here in America, where two or three seedlings are often planted to replace those that are cut down. There are also plenty of organization that will pick up your Christmas tree after the holidays and use it for a variety of tasks. Some companies use them in conservation efforts, to help stabilize erosion planes, or as mulch for other plants.

Others chop up the trees and donate the wood to lower-income areas where fireplaces and wood-burning stoves might be the only source of heat in a home. Very few real Christmas trees just go to waste, and unlike fake Christmas trees which, when they are thrown out, will sit in a landfill forever, real Christmas trees easily break down and can be composted.

Over the seven t0 fifteen years that a Christmas tree is growing to maturity, a single acre of Christmas trees can produce enough oxygen for eighteen people to breathe each day. It is estimated that there are a million acres of Christmas trees—that’s a lot of oxygen being produced!

One of the biggest bonuses of the Christmas tree trade is that most Americans buy their real Christmas trees from lots or farms that are based in America. This is a necessity, as Christmas trees are difficult to transport and do no transport very well—but it means that when we buy real Christmas trees, the money goes to American farms and American businesses.

Here are some facts about plastic trees and why they are definitely not the greener choice when it comes to Christmas decorations:

• Most fake trees are made from plastics that contain petroleum. These plastics do not break down when they are placed in a landfill, and will take up space there forever.

• If a fake tree catches fire, the fumes can be toxic. Aside from the danger of a fast-burning fake Christmas tree fire, the fumes released by the burning plastic can be extremely dangerous. Real Christmas trees clean and freshen the air and if one was to catch fire, they would not produce toxic fumes.

• Most fake trees are manufactured overseas. When you buy a fake tree, your money goes overseas, instead of bolstering the local economy.

Buying real, local trees like the ones you will find on our lot is a great way to go green this Christmas. It helps the environment and it helps the economy. We trim and drill the trunk for you so all you have to do when you get home is set it up. We even bind the trees with twine, instead of nets, to further lessen our impact on the environment.

When to Get Your Real Christmas Tree

Once you decide that you want a real Christmas tree instead of a fake one, when do you get one? Unlike cut flowers that pretty much start to wilt and die as soon as you get them home, a real, live Christmas tree can last for more than month, especially if you keep it properly watered. That means you can get your tree anytime between now and Christmas! Most tree lots open as early as Thanksgiving, so you can find your perfect tree early and let it start filling your home with Christmas spirit, even before you’ve finished off the leftover turkey.

If you choose to buy a tree off of our lot, Saturdays are a great day to come and visit—we have live music planned for two Saturdays and every Saturday we have free hot lunch and drinks for everyone who buys a Christmas tree, pine roping, wreath, or grave blanket.

So, when is the perfect time to get your environmentally-friendly Christmas tree? As soon as possible! While we replenish our stock throughout the season, you don’t want the perfect tree to slip through your fingers. There’s nothing more fun than coming out with your family, friends, or roommates to pick out a tree and have some warm food and drink while you do it.

The earlier you get your tree, the more time you have to decorate it. Stringing lights on a tree almost always takes longer than we think it will, and finding the perfect spot for all of your ornaments, making sure they are spaced properly, but not leaving bare spots on your tree, can take some time. Get your tree early so that you have plenty of time to decorate it as a family!


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