Best Wedding Planning Apps for Spring Weddings

While making a binder that has a physical copy of all of your important wedding documents (like your license and contracts with vendors) is always a good idea, a smartphone is easier to carry, so you can plan on the bus, check on your to-do list while commuting to work, and double-check your dress fitting appointment while you’re at the doctor’s office. If you’re getting married, here are ten wedding planning apps you can use to get ready for and actually plan your wedding.

Evernote Dropbox

1. Evernote or Dropbox

Apps like Evernote and Dropbox make it easy to store important documents in the cloud (where you know they’ll be safe, even if you lose your phone). They also make it easy to access those documents from just about anywhere. If you’re sitting on the train on your way to work and suddenly realize that you forgot to call your florist about a change in your bouquet, you can quickly pull up her information and the note you left yourself and call her. Because these apps can be collaborative (you can share information with other people), you can leave notes for other people involved in planning, and they can leave notes for you.


2. Pinterest

Anyone who’s been on Pinterest knows it’s a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. Most unmarried women already have a wedding board, but just in case you don’t, as you’re starting to plan your wedding is the perfect time to make one. You can collect pictures from all over the internet, from dresses to flower arrangements to color palettes, so you’ll never forget what that perfect dress or place settings looked like. Pinterest is also crawling with advice about when and how to book your venue, how to make your own invites, and more.

3. Wedding Budget

There is actually an app called “Wedding Budget.” This is a great app for anyone who is trying to stick to a very tight budget. Not only does it allow you to break up the different aspects of your wedding budget into different categories, it can also keep you on top of payments for your venue or dress, if you’re paying in installments, rather than all at once. It even provides you with pie charts to show you where you’re not spending and where you’re overspending.

weddingscan logo

4. Wedding Scan

If you and your future spouse are planning on making a registry list (and why not—it’s the easiest way to make sure you actually get the gifts that you want, and not twenty toasters), you’re going to want to download wedding scan. This app lets you scan any item with your phone, to add it to your registry, no matter where it’s found on the internet. It’s kind of like building a wedding registry on Amazon, instead of just with Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond.


5. Google Submission Forms

Google Submission Forms isn’t technically an app—but it will be extremely useful and you can access the data it will collect through an app…so it still counts. How can Google submission forms help you plan your wedding? If you set up a wedding website (which we highly recommend) you can add a pre-made RSVP template form to your page, which makes it easy for your guests to RSVP. They don’t have to send you back a card and you don’t have to personally go through every Facebook message in the last six weeks and see who responded to you. This way, the info will be collected and sent straight to you.

6. Wedding Happy

This app allows you to build a time-sensitive to-do list, based on your wedding date. It comes with pre-assigned tasks, which you can add or remove from your list, and you can send tasks to your calendar or email to help you remember what you need to do and when. This is great for the bride who knows that she needs to book a florist, but doesn’t know exactly when she needs to book that florist.

7. Wedding Party

Unless you’re planning on instituting a no-phone policy at your wedding, having all of your guests download this free app will make it easy to collect the videos and photos they take during the night. All they have to do is share the photos through the app, and then your guests can easily find your event and send you the pictures.


8. Wedding Countdown

While it might seem silly to get an app that just counts down to your wedding day, it’s easy to let the time slip away from you when you’re planning a wedding. If you aren’t actively keeping track of the days, you might wake up one morning and realize your wedding is a month away and you still haven’t found a caterer. Instead, always know exactly how many days you are from your wedding. Once your wedding is over, the app will also countdown to anniversaries!

Wedding DJ

9. Wedding DJ

There’s nothing wrong with not hiring a DJ, especially if you’re on a tight budget. What this does mean, however, is that you might want to spring for a cheap app like Wedding DJ that lets you plan out the music you want to play at your wedding—both during the ceremony and the reception. It will manage your playlists, prevent certain songs from playing, and will even let you set up start and stop times, based on the order of the songs in your playlist.


10. Fitocracy

Many people want to get fitter before their weddings. This app makes it easy. With achievements, trackers, and points that keep you motivated. You can even challenge other users, which makes this app great if you and some of your wedding party all want to lose a little weight before the big day.


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