Best Uses for a Rental Tent

Rental Tent

Rental tents are not just for weddings anymore! Whether you are just planning a small get-together with family or friends, or planning a massive music festival, a rental tent can perfectly serve your needs. On this blog, we’ve already discussed how to arrange the event under your tent, and why you should rent a tent. Now, we’re going to give the nine best uses for rental tents—uses you may not have thought of before.

1. Keeping the weather off of your caterer.

You caterer works hard. They worked hard to make all of this food and to deliver it to your venue. The last thing you want to do is make them stand out in the sun or wind while the rest of your guests are safely inside your venue. If you are holding your party indoors, and there is nowhere for your caterer to set up his equipment, a tent can be the solution to your problem. Not only will keep the food prep out of the way of your guests (and keep your guests from getting in the caterer’s way, it will provide a safe, sanitary place to get your food ready to roll.

2. The ultimate dance floor.

No matter how much air conditioning you pump into an indoor room, it is almost impossible to keep it was cool as it needs to be to facilitate dancing. A dance floor outside, under an open-air tent, is the best place to get your party hopping. Not only can you make the dance floor as large as you need it to be, because the tent can be as large as you need it to be, you also have control over where the speakers go, how loud the music is, and what kind of lighting and decorations you desire.

3. Keeping a small wedding intimate.

These days, many people are scrimping and saving to plan their wedding. While renting a church or other venue may be expensive, renting a tent is not! And because you can choose the size of your tent, if you are planning an intimate ceremony, you can pick one that will keep the guests together and make sure that they can all see and hear what is happening during the ceremony. Then, clear out the chairs and have a fun dance party to celebrate your nuptials.

4. Weather mitigation.

No matter what kind of event you are planning, having a tent on hand, even if you are expecting sunny skies, is a must. You never know when a freak windstorm could come up, or when the temperature will rev itself up. While tents are not completely weather-proof, they will keep sun and sprinkles off of your party—just in case Mother Nature threatens to interfere with your plans.

5. Last minute plans.

What do you do if your wedding or party venue has a flood? What do you do if you have everything else in place, but the original venue can no longer host your party? Instead of cancelling it or pushing it back, you can employ a tent! Unlike indoor venues that need to be rented months and even years in advance, a tent rental company only needs a few weeks’ notice in order to find you the perfect tent and get it set up, ready to use, in your yard, park, or other outdoor space.

6. Be both outdoors and indoors.

One of the reasons that we do not just plan our parties outdoors, letting our guests roam over a large space, is because most people will wander away from the food and music, gathering in little cliques to talk, mingle, or dance amongst themselves. The definition of an indoor space brings people together and encourages us to branch out, talk to new people, and get involved in the party. A tent gives that same power to an outdoor party. You can still enjoy the fresh breeze and the grass underfoot, but give the party a defined area.

7. Lends privacy.

For an event like a wedding, you do not want just anyone wandering into the area. In order to keep your party private, consider renting a tent. There are many varieties of tents that come with walls. While these can be pulled back to open up the space, they can also be left down in order to make the party look and feel more secluded and isolated. Especially when it comes to weddings, this is the perfect way to keep the ceremony private.

8. Keep your machines out of the dust and weather.

If you have rented a cotton candy machine, a slushie machine, a hot dog machine, or a popcorn machine, the last thing you want to do is leave all of them out in the elements or force your operators to stand in the heat or wind. These machines can be a really fun addition to the party, but only if they are kept away from bugs and dust. A tent can help protect them!

9. Make decorating easy.

A tent is, in and of itself, a decoration. Not only is it easy to spot from far off (for those looking for your party), with different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from, you can easily find one that matches the colors of your linens, tables, or chairs. Finding a tent that matches the theme or style of your party is far less intensive than finding a venue that does—especially because you can tailor a tent to your needs when it comes to size, while venues have a predetermined size that cannot be changed, just because you want to invite more people.

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