7 Reasons How Wedding Tent Rental Can Save Your Wedding



On your wedding day, you want everything to go smoothly. It is the biggest day of your life and a lot of time, planning, and money go into making it absolutely perfect. However, as any bride knows, nothing can go exactly to plan. Having a contingency plan in place can ensure that serious disasters do not have the chance to ruin your meticulously planned wedding day. Here are seven ways a wedding tent rental can save your wedding:

1. Protect your wedding from the rain.

While no tent rental can save you from a torrential downpour, most tents can save you from a little bit of rain. If you have planned an outdoor wedding at a location that does not have any indoor alternatives (like at a community or national park, the beach, or other outdoor location), having a wedding tent rental can save your wedding if the rain decides to start to come down when it is time for your ceremony. Having a tent that you and your guests can gather under and still have the ceremony as planned is better than forcing everyone to stand outside in the sprinkling rain while you get married or having to call the wedding off because the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s difficult to know, when you first plan your wedding, whether or not the weather is going to be a challenge for an outdoor wedding. A tent can prevent rain from becoming a serious problem.

2. Protect your wedding from the wind.

For many brides, the fall is the perfect time of year to get married. You’re unlikely to have a day that is too warm, and if you advise that your guests bring a jacket, you are also unlikely to have any trouble with anyone being too cold. Fall weddings (along with spring weddings), however, usually encounter one significant problem: the wind. In these cooler months, the wind can be vicious—and it isn’t just cold. It can be so powerful that it can make getting married outside completely impossible. Having a wedding tent rental, however, can keep the wind off of your ceremony and your guests, so you can still enjoy the cooler temperatures, without having to endure the wind.

3. Protect your wedding from the sun.

Spring, summer, and fall weddings all encounter the same problem: an abundance of sun. This can be a serious problem during the summer, when high temperatures can make standing outside in the sun for a ceremony very uncomfortable. Even during the spring and the winter, your ceremony might be just too hot for your guests. A wedding tent rental can solve this problem by providing ample shade for your guests. You can still hold your wedding and reception outside, without having to worry about anyone getting too much sun or getting too hot. Because you can get a tent as large as you need, you’ll also never have to worry about running out of space.

4. Expand your party venue.

If you are planning a large wedding or an open-house type wedding where just about anyone and everyone you know is likely to stop by, finding a venue that can accommodate all of your guests may be difficult, especially if there are limited venue options in your town or city. A wedding tent rental is a great solution. Not only can you just hold your wedding or the reception in a tent (which you can rent at just about any size you need), you can also expand an existing venue. This gives you two party spaces, one indoors and one outdoors, so there is more room for people to dance and mingle and far more room to accommodate a large number of guests.

5. Protect your wedding from the cold.

Hosting an outdoor wedding comes along with a lot of unknown variables. Will it rain? Will it be too warm? Will it be too cold? Choosing an outdoor venue for your wedding usually has to happen long before you can get a detailed forecast for that specific location. This means that you can either just risk your ceremony and/or reception spot being too warm, too cold, or too rainy, or you can come up with a contingency plan that accommodates any of these possibilities. With a wedding tent rental, you can actually rent heaters that will keep your tent toasty and warm, even if outside of the tent is frosty and cold.

6. Have your wedding where you want to have it.

As a bride and groom planning your wedding, you probably have a specific image in mind for your wedding day. If your area has limited venue options, you might find it difficult to pick one that is the right size for the number of guests you want to invite or that is in a location that your guests will actually be able to access. When you get a wedding tent rental, you have the ability to actually choose just about any spot you want, from a local park, to someone’s backyard, to the manicured lawn of your country club, and beyond.

7. A venue just for you.

One of the downfalls of trying to rent an established wedding venue is trying to find a spot that has an opening on the day and at the time that you want to get married. When you rent a tent, you don’t have to work with anyone else’s schedule. You don’t have to clear out quickly because there is another wedding planned in your tent and you don’t have to conform to any rules laid out by the wedding venue.


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