5 Examples of Beautiful Weddings Under a Tent

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When most people hear the word “tent,” they think of the tents that you roll up and take camping. There’s nothing very glamorous or beautiful about a camping tent. The same cannot be said of the rental tents available to couple planning their wedding.

With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, tent rental is a great alternative to a more traditional venue, which can but serious limits on how many people you can invite, when you can hold your wedding, and how you can decorate. Instead of adhering to those limitations, you can secure a tent rental and have your own venue in the outdoors. Not convinced that rental tents are right for your wedding? Here are just five examples of beautiful weddings you can have under a tent.

1. Country chic


Nothing is more in style right now than the country chic vibe. With hay bales, natural wood, and subtle gingham accents, it’s easy to pull of this wedding, and there is no better venue for a country chic wedding than the outdoors. If you want your wedding to feel a little rustic, holding it anywhere but outside just doesn’t make sense. But as we approach warmer and rainier weather, planning a wedding outdoors might not always be practical, without a tent rental.

How do you pull of this wedding? Start with the tent itself. Get your tent rented and make sure you have a place to set it up. A local botanical park, nature preserve, or some other natural setting will be the best possible venue. Then, start thinking about your supplies. While hay bales might be great for decorations, they probably won’t make the most comfortable seats for the ceremony or the reception. That’s alright, they can still be great decorations or accent pieces. Instead, natural grain chairs are a great way to incorporate that country vibe, without everyone being coated in hay.

Gingham may be traditional, but if it classes with your wedding colors, you might try rustic or tea-dyed linens. Anything that looks too clean or too pristine will be out of character for a traditional country chic wedding under a tent!

2. Natural wedding


If there’s nothing you love more than the outdoors, why not holding your wedding and/or wedding reception outside? Well, because the weather is unpredictable. A tent isn’t just your contingency plan, it can make or break an outdoor wedding. Even if the sun is out, you might still need a tent to take refuge under when things get to hot or windy. While a tent won’t save you from a torrential downpour, it will protect you from light drizzling and wind.

The best way to achieve the natural wedding in a tent is to incorporate a lot of greenery into your decorations. Luckily, a tent rental will allow you to do just about anything when it comes to decorations, as long as it doesn’t damage the tent. Cover the tent poles in climbing ivy and flowers, set it up around a few young trees that add natural life to the space. Use natural grain wood, green, and dusty blues as you colors to really pull these wedding together.

3. Simple and elegant


Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean your wedding has to have an outdoors theme. Often, a couple will chose a tent rental simply because they cannot find a venue appropriate for their style or size of wedding and would prefer a blank canvas, instead of having to overpay for a venue that just isn’t right for their needs. It’s easy to plan a simple and elegant wedding under a tent, specifically because it starts out as a blank canvas. Choose a white rental tent and you can add whatever accents you see fit to make this wedding beautiful and simple.

Decorating a tent for a simple, elegant wedding is as easy as getting together your tables and chairs, finding some delicate, white linens, and accenting the tables with subtle flower arrangements. You can even string lights from the ceiling to the walls of the tents, will often eliminates the needs for other lighting sources. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complex—renting a tent can make achieving a simple wedding much easier.

4. Ornate and traditional

source: peteroberc.com

source: peteroberc.com

If you do want to go for fancy and complex, however, a tent rental can still be a great choice. Why? Because you still have the freedom to decorate it exactly how you like. Drape the entire tent in wispy fabric to make it appear even more intimate and special. Hang chandeliers over every table and set those table with rich colors and patterned china. Metal and dark colored wood will be the name of the game when it comes to planning an ornately traditional wedding under a tent.

You will want all the traditional accents: a table just for the wedding party, a dance floor, a table for gifts, and plenty of flowers!

5. Sweet and summery


While you can rent and use a tent outside during any season of the year, there is perhaps no better season than summer. Decorated with subtle pinks, yellows, and oranges, along with an array of summer-specific flowers like lilies and snapdragons, you will have a beautiful, easy wedding.

Hanging gauze from the ceiling and draping it along the walls can lend a dreamy summer-evening feeling that will enchant your guests, while soft yellow string lights, lining the edges of the tent eliminate the need for expensive tent-lighting systems. The tent will protect you from the sun during the day and keep the wind off the dance floor at night!

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