4 Must Have Machines for Every Summer Party

slushie machine

If you are planning a summer party, there is nothing better than having great food and drink machines to add charm and whimsy to the party’s atmosphere. A popcorn machine, for example, can make your party feel like a carnival, and can provide a constant stream of hot, fresh popped popcorn as a snack. And is there anything more fun or more nostalgic than cotton candy? With a cotton candy machine, you can make any flavor and color you want. Here are the four must-have food and drink machines for every summer party—where they are carnival-themed, luau-themed, or without a theme altogether!

1. Cotton candy machine

For kids and adults alike, this is the perfect machine for a summer party. There is perhaps nothing as synonymous with childhood summers as visiting carnivals, theme parks, and boardwalks and getting cotton candy as a snack. A cotton candy machine will lend nostalgia to your party, and because these machines are actually surprisingly easy to operate, they are a great option even if you do not want to constantly have to babysit the machine.

Because they do melt sugar, however, they can get hot and so should only be operated by an adult or under adult supervision. What will you need if you rent a cotton candy machine? You will need different colors and flavors of cotton candy sugar. It is important to use sugar that is specifically formulated for cotton candy machines. You will also need paper cones or sticks to collect the cotton candy with after the machine has spun the sugar. You will need a way to power the machine and perhaps a way to store cotton candy that you have already made, if you are not going to simply make it on demand for each person. A cotton candy machine is a safe and delicious way to add some life to your party and when you rent from us, you get a great machine at an affordable price—and you don’t even have to clean it before sending it back, so cleanup couldn’t be easier!

2. Slushie machine

Like a cotton candy machine, there are few things that perfectly embody childhood like a slushie. A slushie is usually the treat of choice at a movie theater, but how can you get a slushie machine at your party? If you wanted to buy one of these machines, it would likely cost you thousands of dollars. Instead of buying one, however, you have the luxury of renting one.

A slushie machine is a great option for a summer party, simply because it can provide you with a nearly endless stream of cold, refreshing slushies. All you will need is slushie mix (which can be made out of just about any drink), and you will be ready to go. Like the cotton candy machine, you will also need something to power your machine, but once it is ready to go and has started mixing the slushie, you won’t have to worry about how to cool down on a hot day or night. A slushie machine is great for any party, but especially for an outdoors movie night or carnival game extravaganza. Rent one for your Fourth of July fireworks bash!

3. Hot dog machine

One of the biggest obstacles any party planner faces is finding a way to provide his guests with hot, delicious food without being stuck in the kitchen constantly. A hot dog machine is a great way to keep easy, tasty food ready and on hand for anyone who gets hungry at any stage of your party. While manning the grill might be some people’s idea of a good time throughout the duration of a party, you are far more likely to be able to enjoy your guests if you rent a hot dog machine.

These machines can keep a variety of hot dogs warm and juicy, so that all your guests have to do is choose the dog they want and load up on the toppings. You will need to be close enough to a power outlet to run the machine, as well as have a variety of hot dogs, buns, and toppings to complete the scene. While hot dogs might not be as cool and refreshing as slushies are, they are still a staple of summer parties. If you don’t want to spend your entire day poised over the grill, preventing the hot dogs from burning or putting a new one on any time a guest gets hungry, rent a hot dog machine and simplify your life and the party.

4. Popcorn machine

Not only is a popcorn machine major fun, it is also a great way to provide a constant stream of hot snacks, no matter how long your party goes. Popcorn isn’t just for movies, it has strong connections to summer, and summertime celebrations. This is also one of the easiest machines to operate and because an adult can be in charge of making a popcorn and children can safely scoop the popped popcorn out of the well, it’s great even for a young child’s summer party.

It’s also great for corporate events, weddings, bridal showers, and just about any event you can think of. In order to operate this machine, you will need to be able to power it. Additionally, you will need popcorn kernels, oil, and salt in order to get your popcorn to the pop safely. Because the oil and the popcorn gets very hot while popping, making the popcorn is a task for an adult.

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