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shop local

10 Great Ways to Shop Local

Shop local During the last recession, those of us who live in small towns (or even in big cities that rely on small businesses), saw a decline in locally owned and run businesses. As shoppers saw their own bank accounts dwindling, they opted to shop at cheaper, nationally or internationally owned businesses and at businesses that offer cheaper, internationally manufactured goods. This killed ma

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Invest in Your Next Party

10 Reasons to Invest in Your Next Party Supply Rental

Party supply rental Party planning shouldn’t just be about planning the largest party for the cheapest price. Especially when your aim is to please your guests, making an investment in your next party is always a good idea. Sometimes, it pays to go the extra mile and to spend a little bit more to plan the perfect party. Here are ten reasons you should invest in your next party. 1. Your guest

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labor day party planning

How to Throw a Blowout Labor Day Party in 2015

Labor Day Tent Rental Throwing a Labor Day party is about more than just throwing a few hamburgers on the grill and setting out some chairs. Labor Day is the last real day of summer. After Labor Day, there are no more white clothes (if you subscribe to this rather arbitrary fashion rule), school is starting, and the grind towards winter begins. If you want to send summer off with a blowout, her

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how to rent a tent

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Tent Rental

Tent rental While a tent rental can solve a lot of problems, it can also cause a lot of problems. Those who have never rented a tent before might not understand exactly how to pick the right size of tent, the set up process, or even where to find a tent rental. Renting a tent means you don’t have to rent a venue and you have the freedom of creating a party, wedding, or event venue that meets

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