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Tree Ornaments

Unique Ways to Trim Your Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree

Like most people, you probably have a store of ornaments that you use every year to decorate your tree. While it can be fun to use the same ornaments, especially ones with sentimental value, it might also be fun to try something different when it comes to trimming your fresh-cut Christmas tree. There are lots of strange and unique Christmas trimming traditions from around the world and even so

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How To Pick The Perfect Tree

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

While there are some benefits to having a fake Christmas tree, there is just something special about having a live Christmas tree in your home for the holidays. Many families make a yearly expedition out to the woods of Pennsylvania, to select and cut down their own Christmas tree. Most find a New Britain area Christmas tree lot and spend a snowy evening picking out the perfect tree for their

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Real Christmas Trees Greener Choice

Why Buying a Real Christmas Tree is the Greener Choice and When to Get Yours

Why Buying a Real Christmas Tree is the Greener Choice One of the biggest outcries against the live Christmas tree business is that it is removing helpful trees from the environment. If Christmas tree growers did just chop down their entire crop every year, it could have a negative impact on the environment, not unlike logging and other high-impact businesses. However, farms that grow re

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Christmas Tree

Ten Reasons to Get a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree This Year

While artificial Christmas trees might seem to be less of a hassle on the surface, they usually shed just as many needles and take just as long to get out and set up as going out and selecting a real Christmas tree. Whether you get a real tree every year or have been using a fake tree for years, here are ten reasons to consider getting a fresh cut Christmas tree this year: 1. Looking for a

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