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Party Tent

How to Simplify Your Party Planning

We’re just about to enter one of the busiest party seasons of the year. It starts with Halloween. You’ve got spooky parties and movie marathons and work parties to attend, all in costume (don’t worry, we’ve got your costume rental needs covered!). Then, it moves on to Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a party season, it is definitely a favorite time of year for sentiment

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Wedding Tent

Unique Wedding Ideas

Maybe you’re not a traditional couple. Maybe the idea of a classic wedding seems tired and just so done. Don’t worry. We’ve got a few ideas to make sure that your wedding truly is a day to remember. When your guests trot off home for the night, they’re going to be amazed by how creative and unique your wedding was—and they’ll want to steal your ideas for their wedding. 1. Take it

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Wedding Tent

What You Should Rent for a Wedding or Dinner Party

Planning a large dinner party or a wedding is difficult enough without also having to worry about having enough china, glassware, flatware, chairs, and tables for everyone. Few people actually own enough plates, cups, and utensils for everyone who might want to attend a party or wedding. Renting is a much cheaper and effective solution than purchasing, especially if you want elegant, sophis

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Top Nine Rental Tent Party Ideas

Coming up with a great party idea for any time of the year is difficult enough, without also having to figure out how to fit that party and all of the guests you want to invite into your home or into a readily available venue. Sometimes, an indoor space is just more trouble than it is worth. You are limited when it comes to space and often how you are allowed to decorate and arrange the furniture

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