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Outdoor tent

How to Throw an Outdoor Christmas Party

We know... it's early to start talking about the "C" word.  After all, its 3 months away.  That said, we know you aren't the type that waits until the last minute to plan your parties, so we wanted to give you some advance planning material. Not every part of the world is going to be white with snow this Christmas, and even if you are planning on getting plenty of snow, there’s no reaso

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Party Tent

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Tents—Answered!

When it comes to renting a tent, you might have a few questions about how large you need it to be to accommodate your party, where you can place it, and if renting a tent is even the right move for your event. We are here to make sure that all of your tent-related questions are answered, so all you have to do is rent your tent and get back to the finer points of planning your party. What size

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rental tent lighting

Rental Tent Lighting Ideas

Planning an evening affair? You are likely going to need some lighting to keep your rental tent space from become too dark and drab. Luckily, we have quite a few options for the individual looking to spice up their tent. From string lights to lanterns, you can never go wrong by adding a little bit of whimsical lighting to your space. Tents are already whimsical by nature, and adding some cr

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