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How to Choose a Seating Arrangement for a Wedding or Dinner Party

  Choosing a seating arrangement is more than just deciding who will sit where. Before you can even start putting names at the tables, you have to decide what kind of tables you want. This will largely depend on the size of your tents and the format of your party. If you are planning a wedding, you will likely have a dance floor, which will affect the placement of the tables and chairs.

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Ten Party Planning Mistakes to Avoid

  The last thing you want your guests to do is leave your party talking about how it could have been better—especially when you put so much time and energy into your party planning. Even with the right tents, tables, chairs, and flatware, even with meticulous planning, things can fall through the cracks. Here at Bucks-Mont Party Rental, we know that you want to plan the best party you ca

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Party Planning Checklist

    Don’t let the task of planning a party overwhelm you. Unless you are a seasoned party planner, with decades of experience, it can be difficult to know where to begin, whether the party is for a graduate, a birthday, or an expectant mother. Luckily, we are here to help, with a checklist that will make your life easy and making planning your party a breeze. Party planning doesn

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Rental Tent

Tents: What You Need to Know

A tent is a great way to keep sun and weather off of your guests as they enjoy your party. Whether you are planning a wedding, throwing a graduation party, or just celebrating the beginning of summer, don’t forget to reserve your tent early. But how do you know what kind of tent to rent? How do you know if you can even set up a tent where you want one? How large of a tent will you need to ac

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