15 Fun Wedding Party Supplies You Need at Your Wedding Reception

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While a wedding reception should be romantic, it’s important to remember that it’s also a celebration! Your guests have come from around the world to celebrate this new stage of your relationship, so if you want to make your reception a real party, here are fifteen of the most fun wedding party supplies you’ll want to have at your reception.

1. Personalized coasters

These double as a wedding favor! Make your coaster with your initials, the date of your wedding, and some stylish graphics to make something truly unique that your guests will actually use—both at the wedding and at home. You can use the same colors and styles as your invitations to really carry the theme and tone of your wedding through the end of the party and beyond!

2. DIY place cards

You can easily make place cards out of wedding party supplies you can pick up at any party supply store. Pick up some blank place cards and handwrite everyone’s name or use a label maker to create personalized labels. Instead of setting these at the tables themselves, put the table number on the card and let your guests pick them up at the venue door. They’ll find their way to their table quickly, instead of pacing around every table looking for their name.

3. A sack for gifts

Let’s face it, one of the biggest reasons to have a reception (besides celebrating with your loved ones), is to get some great gifts to help you two start your life together. But how are you going to lug those gifts out of there? In a gift sack! A stylish gift sack in a wedding pattern can not only help your guests figure out where to leave there gifts, but also make it easier to get tote them out of the venue.

4. Cute place card holders

Even if you are going to have your place cards set up by the door, instead of around the tables, you will still want something to hold those place cards. Why not something stylish and fun like a little silver bell?

5. Paper bridal bells

Bells are commonly associated with weddings, and a set of large or small paper honeycomb bridal bells is a great way to incorporate this into your decorations. They’ll add plenty of visual interest and are an inexpensive alternative to other decorations.

6. Funky napkins

Napkins and other linens are the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color or a little fun to your venue, even if you want the rest of the decorations to be very understated. Choosing a fun color or interesting pattern is a great way to add a little more life into your space.

7. Bird cage

Even if you don’t want to release doves at your ceremony, a bird cage is still a fun accessory to add to your overall theme. Decorated with a fake bird or with greenery, this is an interesting, kitschy decoration for any wedding. You can even encourage your guests to leave their cards or other small gifts in the bird cage, instead of just leaving them on the table. If you are likely to have many guests that just bring cash tucked in a congratulatory card, this is a much more stylish option than simply having them stack them on a table.

8. A folding divider

If there is a feature of your venue that you’d like to hide, the ultimate wedding party supply is a folding divider wall. You can rent these walls in a variety of materials, which can be used to hide unsightly sound equipment, the catering station, or any part of the venue that doesn’t mesh with your theme.

9. A coat rack

Yes, you could have your guests leave their coats in a side room or hang them on the back of their chairs—but a coat rack will add a bit of classy fun to your wedding. One with wheels can be rolled into the main part of the venue when you need it, and then rolled and tucked away until your guests want their coats.

10. Stanchions and dividers

While you probably won’t be roping off a VIP section at your wedding reception, stanchions and dividers are still a good way to show your guests where to line up to take pictures, to congratulate the bride and groom, or to get food.

11. A guest book stand

Don’t just throw your guest book on a table! Rent a stand specifically for your guest book and then set it somewhere where those wishing to sign can write a nice note, without holding up the greeting line.

12. An arch

Is there anything more charming than a lovely arch for wedding? Whether you want to stand under it for pictures, as you greet guests, or want to slide a table under it for gifts, a wedding arch is a great way to add some quirky charm to your reception.

13. A column

What could you use a column for? Why not as a stand for your guest book? For holding presents? For holding a picture of the happy couple? Limitless possibilities.

14. Silver service

Now is the time to get a little fancy. What’s fancier and more fun than silver service? Whether you just want a silver coffee or tea service for guests or a full service for display and serving food, this will add character and charm to your wedding!

15. A wishing well

What’s more fun than a cute little wishing well? You could even make a wishing well one of the reception activities by inviting your guests to write the pair of you a note and tuck it inside the well.

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