10 Ways to Save Money on Your Fall Wedding

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Throwing a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you’re getting married during the fall, you’ve already done one thing to offset the price of your wedding—you’re getting married during an off-peak time of the year, when rentals and travel are going to be less expensive than if you were getting married during the spring or summer. Are you looking for other ways to save money on your fall wedding? Here are ten areas that you can cut back on without ruining your joyous day:

1. The Reception

You want to throw a big party to celebrate your wedding. It makes sense—except when you start factoring in the costs of seating and feeding all of those people. You love your family and friends and want them to share this day with you, but if you are trying to save money, here are some of the ways you can cut the costs of your reception:

  • Cut down on the guest list. Do you really need to invite all of your college roommates? Even the ones you didn’t really get along with? Do you also need to invite your second and third cousins? Probably not. Cut the list, cut the costs.
  • Don’t get married on Saturday. It might be more convenient for your guests, but it will likely double the cost of renting a space and getting your event catered.
  • Seat your guests family style instead of at individual tables.
  • Get a tent rental instead of renting a hall. Especially if your reception is during the day, opting for an outdoor event under tents is much more economical than renting a hall.

2. The Flowers

Why knew that flowers were going to be one the most expensive parts of your wedding?

  • Choose fewer flowers and more green plants.
  • Opt for cheaper flowers. Daises might not be your vision, but they are far less expensive than lilies.
  • Don’t choose out of season flowers.

3. The Food

Aside from flowers, feeding all of the people that come to your wedding is probably going to be one of the most expensive parts of planning.

  • Skip dinner altogether. Just do appetizers and drinks.
  • Don’t pick a fancy menu. Especially if you’ve chosen a homey, intimate wedding and reception, comfort foods can be a great, low cost alternative to lobster and steak.
  • Only serve one entrée. You don’t have to give everyone a choice—just pick one option and let people eat what they want off of the buffet.

4. The Drinks

Having an open bar is a nice idea, but it’s not as nice in practice when everyone is drinking four or five drinks.

  • Instead of having an open bar, have a smaller bar just with beer, wine, and one cocktail.
  • Don’t do the champagne toast.
  • Have a two drink limit for all guests.

5. The Cake or Cakes

His and hers cakes are all the rage on Pinterest, but they double the cost of having a cake at your ceremony.

  • Pick a small cake for cutting out front but by a sheet cake to serve to the guests.
  • Don’t choose a crazy flavor. Most people are not going to want to eat a blood orange zest and raspberry cake anyway. Vanilla and chocolate are plenty of options.
  • Don’t use sugared flowers—real ones are cheaper.

6. Stationary

Do you really need to send out a Save the Date, Announcement, and RSVP card to every single person?

  • Send out announcements to those who aren’t invited or can’t come to the wedding and a one page invite to those who are invited or can come.
  • Email your Save the Dates or create a Facebook event instead of sending out paper ones.

7. Favors

Favors are a nice thought, but they’re also expensive. And is everyone really going to love that little trinket as much as you do?

  • Make a slice of cake be your wedding reception favor.
  • Only give out one favor per couple.
  • Grab a polaroid camera and have each guest’s favor be a polaroid of themselves with the bride and groom.

8. Photographers

It’s nice if you have a friend who is a professional photographer and wants to give you guys professional photography as a wedding present. Not all of us are so lucky.

  • Do away with the photographer and just encourage everyone to Instagram the wedding with a hashtag like #J+PWedding.
  • Only hire a professional to take staged pictures and leave the rest of the ceremony and reception to the smartphone-wielding millennials.

9. The Music

It’s so easy to be a DJ these days, do you really need to hire one? If you’ve got a laptop and a way to download music, you might not be a professional, but you’re skilled enough to make your own playlist.

  • Compile your playlist and use an app that will handle all of the DJ-ing for you. Your hands will be free and you don’t have to worry about the DJ taking requests.
  • If you absolutely must hire a DJ, hire one who can do the ceremony and the reception.

10. The Video

Again, when everyone has a digital camera in their pocket, do you really need to hire someone to video your wedding? Of course, having your little sister tape the ceremony on her phone isn’t the same as hiring a professional videographer, but when you’re trying to save money, it can do the trick.

  • Ask your guests to film as much as they feel comfortable and to email you the results. You can then hire someone to cut it together professionally.
  • Skip the video altogether and pay your full attention to experiencing your wedding as it happens, instead of being obsessed with how you’ll remember it later.


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