10 Beautiful Fall Wedding Examples

fall wedding examples


Getting married in the fall doesn’t mean you have to choose drab colors. The fall, especially here in New England, is ablaze with red and orange and yellow. You can pick a medley of fall colors in a rustic location for a great fall wedding. Don’t forget to get your wedding rental locked down this summer so you’re sure to get the chairs, tables, and decorations you need in order to make your fall wedding absolutely perfect. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect theme or atmosphere for your wedding, here are ten great fall wedding examples to give you some wedding planning inspiration. (All inspired by these weddings: https://www.theknot.com/real-weddings/fall-albums)

1.    Shabby Chic Wedding

Nothing evokes the spirit of fall more than a beautiful outdoor wedding in a barn or under rustic gazebo. Depending on what fall month your wedding falls in, you can easily create a stylish, outdoorsy wedding without freezing your guests out. Twinkle lights wrapped around the beams in a barn or strung through tress with their red and yellow leaves will you are married under a wedding rental tent or even in the open air is a great way to add some shabbiness and some chic to your shabby chic wedding day.

2.    Book the Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens might not be everyone’s first choice during fall, but it’s the perfect location to be wed if you want to be surrounded by fall colors. If you’re keen on using deep oranges and reds in your wedding colors, renting out your local botanical gardens is a great option. Most will also have indoor spaces that you can rent out if you want to have your reception onsite but it gets too cold when the sun goes down to party the night away out with the plants.

3.    White and Yellow

Your wedding doesn’t have to incorporate red or orange if those aren’t really your colors. Clean white and yellow can be the perfect colors for a fall wedding. Fill your wedding hall with sunflowers and lilies and you’ll have a wedding that is as in-season as it is beautiful. Because both white and yellow can be relatively demure colors, don’t be afraid to throw in a few other splashes of color as needed. A sandy grass green—the color of a lawn as it starts to bed down for—can be a great addition to these two if you want something cooler, but that still fits the kind of nature-themed color palette of this wedding.

4.    Oranges and Golds

If you want orange and gold to be your wedding colors, fall is the perfect time to get married. These colors fall perfectly into this season and they will make an extremely elegant wedding. If your wedding rental includes a tent, you can deck out the entire tent in gold lights and orange tulle, using white as a base in order to keep the color palette grounded.

5.    Casual Wedding

Fall is the perfect time to have a casual wedding. If the massive ball gowns and finery just aren’t your style, this wedding, with a simple, classic dress and the groomsmen in jeans and waistcoats, is a great option. Go for rich, simple colors like eggplant or crimson for the bridesmaids dresses—something that will look just as great as ties for the groomsmen and find a rustic farmyard to take your pictures and hold the wedding.

6.    Wedding by the Sea

Just because the weather is cooling down in the fall doesn’t mean that you can’t hold a great wedding near the ocean. The beach might not be the ideal location for your wedding, but near the beach, in a hall or under a tent, incorporating the soft colors of water in fall (sea foam, grey wood, and white clouds), are a great way to give your wedding original flair.

7.    Halloween Wedding

A Halloween wedding doesn’t have to be spooky. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be scary at all. If you’re a fan of the holiday or are getting married near or on this holiday, there’s no reason not to incorporate a few fun elements into your wedding. You can start with the location. Somewhere rustic and a little bit spooky is a great choice. For the dress, vintage lace is an awesome option. Think “vintage Halloween,” rather than just scary Halloween when planning an event like this.

8.    A Traditional Wedding

While June is the traditional time of the year for a wedding (how does the song go? “A bride who marries in June/Is a bride all her life?”), but fall is still a great time of year for a traditional church wedding. Getting married in a church makes it easy to find a venue and there’s little to no decorating needed, especially if you get married in a Catholic cathedral.

9.    Wedding in the Woods

Is there a better time to be in the woods than in the fall? Whether you choose a pine forest or you find a grove of beautiful oaks and birches, getting married in a clearing in the wood is the perfect venue for a fall wedding. You’ll be surrounded by nature at its most beautiful, and there are endless opportunities for beautiful, sun-filled pictures.

10.    Dusty and Burnt

When most people think of fall, they think of change—that’s why it’s the perfect time to get married. This season embodies change. If you want to embody the spirit of change with your wedding’s colors or themes, choosing colors like burnt orange or dusty blue are a great way to give that wedding rustic, classically fall flair.


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